15 After Romeo Quotes To Inspire You

After Romeo is an original, individual and incredibly talented four-piece band, and they’re four helpful and warm-hearted lads who are using their powers to make the world much brighter.

They are so close to their fans that they always tend to use Twitter and Instagram to send positive, empowering vibes with extended captions, to make their fans feel inspired, loved and belonged.

Moreover, they have proven many times that they’re fighting against bullying, a huge worldwide existing issue. They are also trying to make their fanbase stand up against it by mentioning the problem anywhere they can.

We brought you some of their best quotes to show you why we like them – and why you should join the ARmy!

Everything I create is a piece of me that I’m offering. – Blake

Our fans are called Juliets. We want to be dedicated to them as much as Romeo is to Juliet. – Jayk

One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it’s worth watching. – TC

Things are hard at times but that makes the good times even better! Try to find the best of every moment of you can. There’s always good, sometimes you gotta look harder. – Drew

We know what it’s like to get bullied and we want to inspire other kids that are bullied. That right now is not the only time in your life. If you’re having a hard time, it does get better and you can move past all of that. – Blake

Really been thinking about life a lot lately. Taking advantage of every moment you have. Loving your family and friends – Jayk

Many people believe in good, but are so tempted they fall. – TC

Take a minute to stop thinking about everything you want and think about what you have. Family, friends, life…you’re pretty blessed – Drew

People just want to feel loved. To be loved..to love..let’s loose the egos and except the love we all have to offer. – TC

This is the stairway to your future: Focus. Hard Work. Ability. Skills. Learn. Only you control where you’re headed. – Drew

After today I feel so at peace with what life has to offer me! God can do amazing things when you learn to release those chains and trust him. – TC

We all want to drive but sometimes it’s okay to take the backseat. – Drew

A miracle is happening everyday right in front of you….see it. – Drew

A good life is not equal to the number of days you’re alive. It’s equal to the number of days you spent truly living. – Blake

Don’t sit around and wait for life to hit you in the face. Allow the opportunity for life to try and catch up with you while you’ve lapped it three times over. – Blake

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Written by Alexandra Nagy

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