Alex Angelo Drops Free EP

‘Tis the season.

What’s better than artists dropping amazing music? Artists dropping amazing music for free, an announcement that both ears and wallets will rejoice at. In the spirit of the holiday season, Alex Angelo has dropped a free EP, Stay Like This for his fans as a holiday gift.
The first song on the EP, also titled “Stay Like This”, is an upbeat dance track that’s sure to be a crowdpleaser, whereas songs like “Figured It Out” will pull at heartstrings. But to Alex, this EP is more than just a collection of songs to blast with your friends.
“This EP is as real and personal for me as it gets.  I couldn’t put more of me into the music.  I produced it.  I wrote on this.  This is a big step in my career and I am very proud of this EP.  This is only still scratching the surface for me.  I think this is a new, more mature sound.  There is some adversity that went into this music.  I moved and went through a lot in the last year.  I want my music to have an authentic vibe to it. The songs can have many meanings, and I hope that people connect with it as much as I do.”  
-Alex Angelo

You can download the EP at, or on iTunes.

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Written by Katherine Jiang

Music lover and pizza enthusiast from Toronto.