The Amazing Tour is not on Fire USA: An Extensive Recap

It’s hard to believe that it’s already over! For the past few months, Dan and Phil left their homeland of England to travel to North America, to perform “The Amazing Tour is not on Fire”, or TATINOF for short. The tour accompanies the book the boys wrote that came out last year,  fittingly called “The Amazing Book is not on Fire”, or TABINOF. Dan and Phil went on a UK tour for the rest of 2015, and soon it was time for the people of North America to have the tour come their way. It has been quite an adventure for the past few months, and we’re here to try our best to recap it all for you!

First, let’s explain what TATINOF actually is, in case you’re a little lost right now. On their website, Dan and Phil describe the show as: “A theatrical stage show with hilarious anecdotes, sketches, lots of audience interaction we’ll probably regret, a loose story tying it all together and some SURPRISES you’ll never see coming…” Fans have had nothing but positive feedback, and many have commented on the sense of community they felt while at the show, and how everyone felt connected because of their common interests.

The unique thing about TATINOF is that it is a genuine stage show, one that took lots of effort to make. Some other youtubers who have seen the show (such as Bry and Candice and Evan Edinger) have come to similar conclusions. Dan and Phil have such a large, dedicated fanbase, they could sell tickets to a show where they don’t do anything noteworthy, and some people would likely still buy tickets. However, most people who have seen the show agree that lots of careful thought and planning went into it to make it the most enjoyable experience for their audience as possible. From the details of the set, to the script, to the audience interaction, they made sure everything was up to their standards, and would make a memorable show for their audience.

Of course, as with any tour, its not just about the performances. Dan and Phil rented their own tour bus, and essentially went on a really long road trip of America (and one stop in Canada) in between their shows. They started at Playlist Live, a YouTube convention in Florida.

They made their way up the East Coast of the USA, and stopped by the Creator’s Summit in New York, where they met up with some of their youtube friends.

They continued up north for their two Canadian shows in Toronto, but not before where they went on a boat ride at Niagara Falls and a baseball game.

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They also stopped in Washington D.C for an obligatory White House selfie. (Unfortunately Obama didn’t make it to the show).

It happened to be Dan’s birthday on June 11th, just before their show in Las Vegas!

They ended the tour on the West Coast, where they “completed their white girl pilgrimage” and visited the first Starbucks in Seattle.

Aside from nature and touristy places, there seemed to be an odd theme of taking pictures against some aesthetically pleasing surfaces.

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There were some classic pictures, but let’s also take a moment to remember some of the best tweets from the tour.

The fight for the best room in the tour bus:

When Phil actually fell off the stage:

That time when Dan finally took a shower…

Phil’s tour bus adventures:

When Dan’s inner emo shone through:

We can’t forget the crazy taxi saga:

Well, we knew this one was coming…

The time Phil almost traded in his lion for a moose:

Another exciting part of the tour was seeing which outfits Dan and Phil would wear to each VIP meetup. This fan did a great service for us all and made pie charts that show the different shirts Dan and Phil wore at each of their VIP meetups. We can conclude that Phil has much more variety than Dan, and that Dan wears a lot of jumpers in the summertime!

Of course, there have been some interesting fan interactions during this tour. From crazy poses at the meetups to the surprise of seeing Dan and Phil in your local IHOP, it was a wild ride for fans in America.

One interesting fan story is the tale of what happened after Dan accidentally knocked over a prop during a show. The prop landed on an audience member in the front row, leaving her with a small bruise on her leg. The girl jokingly posted about the evolution of her bruise on social media, not thinking much of it. However, Dan noticed her post and messaged her, asking if it would be ok to send her something as an apology. What came in the mail was a framed and signed picture of Dan holding the prop!

One thing you really can’t deny about Dan and Phil is that they really love and appreciate their fans. Transitioning from making videos in your bedroom to living on a tour bus, meeting hundreds of people a day, and performing a high-energy stage show almost every day for three months is not easy. It takes dedication, and a motivating factor to keep you going. For Dan and Phil, that factor is probably their fans. In everything they do, it’s so evident that they care about the people that watch their videos. Whether it’s taking an extra second to reply to someone on Twitter, stopping for a selfie when they’re out and about, or including references to old videos, they do a lot of little things that make their supporters happy.

Dan and Phil are committed to their fans, and their fans are very committed to them! There have been some dedicated Dan and Phil fan accounts that were extremely committed to providing every detail about the current USA tour happenings. Some notable ones are Twitter users @tatinofnews, and @updatedphan (who retweeted every picture they could find from each VIP meetup, now that’s dedication!) Thank you to these accounts and all the other ones who kept everyone in the know during these past couple months.

To acknowledge the end of the tour, lots of people have been tweeting under the hashtags #favTATINOFmemory and #thankyouforTATINOF, to remember and appreciate all the good memories and experiences the show provided them.

So now the question many people have been asking is: “what comes next?” Well, it seems that the tour lifestyle isn’t quite over yet. After returning home for a while in July, the boys will be performing 5 TATINOF dates in Australia. Currently, there are no other official legs of the tour planned, but Dan has mentioned the possibility of a European tour.

Fans are a bit divided on the fact that the tour has gone on as long as it has. Many are happy that Dan and Phil are making the effort to see as many of their worldwide fans as possible. Others note that the length and energy the tour requires must be draining for Dan and Phil, and there is slightly less content from them as a result. However, they still made the time to film some videos while on tour! Check them out here, here, here and here.

Dan and Phil also recently announced that TATINOF will be coming to YouTube Red, sometime later this year. There will be two videos released. One is a filmed version of the Los Angeles TATINOF show, intended for people who couldn’t make it to a show. The other will be a behind the scenes documentary, that explains the making of the tour, which they said might share similar aspects to Lilly Singh’s A Trip to Unicorn Island. It’s great that Dan and Phil are really making an effort to make sure all of their fans around the world can see the show, in one capacity or another. However, we’re still holding out hope for “A Day in the Life of Dan and Phil on Tour!”

But even after that, when the tour and documentary are complete, what is next for Dan and Phil? After over half a year spent promoting their book and tour, what will be their next big adventure? Some fans think that writing a book and going on a world tour could signify the end of a certain era in their careers. Now, there’s no need to be too worried, it’s not likely that they’ll be leaving YouTube anytime soon. However, the period after the tour could mark a fresh start, and possibly an opportunity to rebrand themselves and their content. If they decide to make a change, they have the support of a dedicated community who will respect their creative visions.

But for now, let’s all just take a moment to remember the past couple months and all of the wonderful moments that came out of TATINOF USA. It has recently been announced that TATINOF sold 150,000 tickets worldwide, which makes it the most successful youtuber tour ever. Thank you Dan and Phil, for putting on an amazing show and providing memorable, once in a lifetime experiences for your supporters.

So, that has been TATINOF USA! It was the most fun we’ve ever had!

In case you missed it, we attended TATINOF in Costa Mesa, California and wrote a spoiler free review!

Did you go to a TATINOF date in the U.S? What are your thoughts about the tour ending? Let us know on Twitter @CelebMix!

Written by Annemarie Cutruzzola

Canadian arts & culture writer and journalism student.