Austin Carlile Has Left Of Mice and Men

The vocalist of the metalcore band has left due to health issues

Of Mice & Men front-man Austin Carlile has left the band due to health problems.

The vocalist and founding member announced his departure on December 30th.

On his Twitter account he stated:

“My heart is heavy..I never thought i’d be writing this..Wanted to leave this announcement in the mess that is 2016”

You can read Austin’s official statement below

The singer suffers from Marfan Syndrome, a rare connective disorder which has affected his whole body, especially during their tours.

Carlile’s health issues have resulted in multiple gig cancellations including the upcoming tour with A Day To Remember.

Band members Aaron Pauley, Alan Ashby Phil Manansala and Valentino Arteaga will continue as a four-piece.

CelebMix wishes all the best to Of Mice & Men and wishes the best of luck to Austin Carlile with his health.

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