Eurovision 2016 Spain Representative Barei Has Released “Wasn’t Me” Single And Lyric Video

Barei has new music on the way; today saw her drop one of three upcoming singles, that will be released week-on-week. The first cut was “Wasn’t Me”, which was released alongside a lyric video. The song follows up her recent successful hit “I Don’t Need To Be You“.

Following the release of this single, Barei will release “Forget It” on 30 June 2017, and “Worry, Worry (feat. Porta)” on 7 July 2017. Both of these are currently available to preorder on iTunes.

The song release of “Wasn’t Me” came as a surprise to many of her fans, aptly known as B-Fighters. Although, we’ve all known she’s been working on some new music, and here it is.

Watch Barei’s Lyric Video To “Wasn’t Me” Here:

The song definitely has some “I Don’t Need To Be You” vibes going on, and is definitely the perfect follow up to the bullying song that she previously released. Barei sings about a relationship that didn’t turn out the way she had hoped; she constantly sings that it wasn’t her and that she was ready, but he wasn’t.

The song holds a lot of pain and it’s clear that Barei holds this song close to her heart. She packs every lyric with emotion, until the very end where she unleashes a torrent of heartbreak. This is one fierce track, for sure.

Powerful throughout, “Wasn’t Me” really packs a punch. The backing track continues the theme of her previous single “I Don’t Need To Be You“. There are noticeable piano chords and synths we easily fall for. The beats are just as strong as the lyrics and Barei’s voice.

The lyric video is in black and white, with profile shots of Barei in the first half. Then we get to see some emotional choreography that is performed by dancers Lorena Bargalló and José Manuel Sentimiento, that completely relates to the song.

As a whole, this works in every way, and we sure hope a music video will follow for this powerful track. We haven’t stopped playing this song since it was released, and we’re sure you’ll have it on repeat when you’ve heard it. We definitely cannot wait for next week when Barei drops another new single.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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