DISCOVER Bitter's Kiss - "The Rope"

DISCOVER: Bitter’s Kiss – “The Rope”

Chloe Baker is an indie pop artist, better known as Bitter’s Kiss! This New Jersey-based singer/songwriter is all about bringing her listeners into a world of joy, pain, sorrow and redemption through her music.

Being from a religious background, staying true to yourself is always important to Chloe. That’s why she’s so passionate about her music, because she knows she can help others realize how meaningful their life truly is.

With lyrics like, “Are you asking why it hurts when you smile? / Are you thankful for the pain?,” and “I have walked through your old streets looking for the life you threw away,” listeners are instantly thrown into her world backed up by her angelic yet haunting voice. Throughout the song, Chloe describes her feelings about suicide based off of personal experience with someone she knew. By paying close attention to the lyrics and video, listeners can sense that, as well as relate it to whatever it is that’s going on in their life.

Check out her powerful video for “The Rope” below:

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Written by Melanie Gomez

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