Bronnie Drops Surprise Single And Music Video “Scared Much?” For Halloween

Halloween is just 16 days away; Bronnie has got into the spirit of things by surprising us all with a new single and music video. “Scared Much?” is the perfect song to add to your spooky playlists.

“Scared Much?” is Bronnie’s third single overall, following on from “Modern Day Christmas” and “High School Sucks“. She’s been keeping it a secret since August, not revealing a thing even in her interview with CelebMix.

Watch Bronnie’s “Scared Much?” music video below:

The music video is the perfect visual for Halloween. Bronnie pulls off the floating head makeup trick perfectly, whilst her dyed pink hair contrasts brilliantly for the haunting video.

A pure performance piece, we watch as we see her on-stage vibes unleashed on camera. There are some great visual representations of the songs lyrics included in the video. Flashes of tarot cards, skulls, roses, a crystal ball, an ouija board, rusted keys, candles and various other gothic objects create an eerie atmosphere perfect for this Halloween music video.

The scene in the woods definitely stands out. Bronnie’s energetic enthusiasm for music in itself leaches out of her in the woods as she walks towards the camera.

The song in itself really shows how far her songwriting skills and her voice has progressed in such a small amount of time. “Scared Much?” has a similar vibe to Avril Lavigne’s first few singles mixed with the brilliance of Hey Monday.

Recorded at Edge Recording Studio, “Scared Much?” is a powerful Halloween song that deserves to be on every haunted house party’s playlist. Rhythmically catchy, with a killer chorus that will be stuck in your head all night long; Bronnie’s vocals are an infection bubbling beneath us.

Bronnie Drops Surprise Single And Music Video "Scared Much" For Halloween 1

Her third single is now available to download from iTunes now. The single artwork is her best one yet, featuring her floating head makeup trick which is stunning throughout the video.

Bronnie is currently supporting Josh Taylor on a few of his dates for his “Hot For Me” Tour.

What do you think of this Halloween song? Is it better than “Modern Day Christmas” and “High School Sucks”? Don’t forget to add it to your spooky playlist. Talk to us about Bronnie on Twitter @CelebMix.

Written by Jonathan Currinn

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