Why Do With Confidence Fans Love With Confidence?

With Confidence are a small band from Australia. Although their fanbase is fairly small they do a lot to show the fans they have how much they mean to them. On social media, Jayden, Luke, Josh, and Inigo constantly appreciate the fan art and covers. They have a special connection with their fans not many other bands have.

The band also makes sure to write about things that fans can connect with. Their singles Keeper and Voldemort are both songs about knowing that you’ll be okay and so are a lot of their other songs.

With so much to love about the band, CelebMix decided to ask fans why they love With Confidence. Here are their answers;

Sarah | 18 | Ohio

They’re super interactive on social media, do their best to meet EVERY fan after their shows, and are super open and friendly. I walked up to them every time I saw them at Warped tour and they didn’t get annoyed or tired of seeing me and were more than happy to chat with me every time. Luke even remembered who I am from Twitter and just the other day he randomly DMed me because he wanted to let me know that he literally had something I had given him up in his room. Those guys are legit the NICEST people in the world and I don’t know where I’d be without them or their music.

Arlyn Jane | 22 | Philippines

With Confidence was introduced to me by my good friend, Julienne. She told me to listen to them because they’re good. After a day or two, I did, and I already liked them because I love their kind of music. Also, the lyrics and the arrangement of music is so cool. Months after I start listening to them, they announced their Manila shows and I was so happy.

I met Luke Rockets days before their shows in Manila. He came down to meet me and my friends. We talked about their band and other bands. He was a total sweetheart. I met Jayden, Josh and Ini too, they were really sweet and nice. They tried to meet everyone even if they were so tired. I went to their shows and it was by far the best shows I’ve ever been to. I love how they perform and I love how they interact with their fans. It feels like we are not just their fans, they make us feel like we are one of their friends. Oh and when we met them we even had a send off song for them before they headed home. We serenaded them with an acoustic Voldemort and we were so glad that they liked it!

Jenna | 15 | Chicago

With Confidence are such a great band. These dudes consistently put out such good music with incredible instrumentals, lyrics, and vocals. Jayden, Luke, Ini, and Josh are all super nice guys as well. They are always interacting with fans and they stay super humble. Those dudes work so hard and have such a passion for making great music. I hope this is only the beginning for them and that there’s lots more to come!


I saw them on their last day of tour with As It Is in Nottingham and I instantly fell in love. Godzilla is my absolute anthem and the lyrics have literally given me more confidence in myself on how to not deal with rubbish from people. I really hope I can see them again soon so I can thank them for helping me with my issues in ways they will never know of.

Luke | 16 | New Jersey

I love With Con because their music is incredible and they’re honestly the sweetest people on the planet. When I met them I was super super nervous because Warped was my first concert ever but they were extremely nice about it. Josh especially helped me calm down because he actually started a conversation with me. I know lots of other bands are incredible with their fans, but WC seem to make an extreme effort to be interactive; they’ve all interacted with me and Luke and Josh have liked my pictures on Instagram as well as them being so hospitable when I met them.

On top of that, they are so amazingly talented at what they do. My mom is actually considering taking me to see them because she loves them so much as well, and she has never taken me to a concert before. I’m really proud of how far they’ve come and I hope they stay the same caring, amazing people that they are as they grow more and more.

Jess | 18 | UK

I love With Confidence because they are strong, talented and unique individuals. They are kind and caring and very strong-minded about their beliefs. They have defended fans against misogynist bullies and constantly reinforce and broadcast positive views. Their lyrics are deep and meaningful, but in an upbeat and exciting kind of mix that sounds different and inspiring. They’re a band that I hope to see go far as they’ve worked so hard and would have been a good influence on not just myself, but so many others too.

Joy | 15 | Michigan

I came across With Confidence after 5SOS, a band I adore, tweeted about them and We’ll Be Okay.  After I listened to it, it became one of those songs I could listen to on repeat and not get tired of. I continued to listen to more of their music afire that. Their sound reminded me of All Time Low but not exactly. It had a distinct sound to it, like you could listen to one of their songs and instantly say, ” This is With Confidence”.

Their lyrics are all are also incredible. I remember listening to Keeper and actually paying attention to the lyrics instead of the musical part for the first time. That’s when I realized what the song was about and it was beautiful. A lot of their songs are like that. Their lyrics stick with you and make you feel like you’re not alone. The guys in With Con are by far some of the best song-writers I’ve ever come across.

Beth | 15 | Edinburgh, Scotland

I love With Confidence. When I first came across them it was because of Jayden’s mashup of Blink-182 + All Time Low. I fell in love with his talent/voice. After I saw them play for the first time a while ago I’ve been completely hooked. They’ve helped me overcome a lot of shit in the past few months, and I honestly can’t thank them enough. Their music is truly amazing and they’re all incredibly talented, they seriously mean the world to me. I have plans of getting their lyrics tattooed on me and painted on my walls, I don’t know what I’d be without them. Thank you for making the best pop punk music there is and being some on the most genuine, whole hearted guys on earth.

Mitchie | 17 | England

I stumbled across With Confidence one evening on YouTube and I was immediately hooked. Although I haven’t been a fan as long as some people have I know that I will be a fan until the end. Seeing them open for As It Is back in May was one of the best times I’ve had at a gig and I cannot wait for them to do a headline over here so I can witness a longer set of bops.

These guys have very quickly become my favourite band. They put so much effort in to their music and so much energy in to their shows and I love them for this. I know it’s cliché to say this but they really aren’t like every other band. Their songs really are unique and best of all their lyrics actually mean something. I’m so excited to see what the future brings them. They deserve so much success. I hope that one day there are a million others that love them and find comfort, as well as happiness within their music. Just like I do.

Catia | 13 | Philippines

With Confidence is one of my favorite bands in the world. They are all so talented and their songs are very inspiring. I love them so much because they are one of the bands I listen to when I’m going through a hard time and help me calm down. Other than their music, I love them. I went to their show a couple weeks ago and got to meet them (which was probably one of the happiest moments of my life) and all of them were so sweet to everyone and gave the best hugs. I’m really happy and proud that they’ve come this far and hope for more people to discover their music and fall in love!

Anna | 14 | Virginia

I love With Confidence because of the music they write. They always have a message hidden somewhere in their songs. They’re so inspirational! In their song “Voldemort” they repeat the line, “You won’t do this alone”. I think that is really amazing that they put that in a song that they know people will hear. It’s so encouraging to have someone telling you that you can do anything because they will be there to guide your way. Their beats are so catchy. You can tell by just listening to a few bars of a song that they’re very talented.

Jane | 17 | Philippines

With Confidence makes music that sticks to you. Their Distance EP was a masterpiece and I honestly cannot say more about them music-wise except for the fact that they are amazing. I’ve seen them live for three days straight and I wasn’t disappointed. They put on such a great show and they just work so well with the crowd. What makes me love them more though is the fact that they are the nicest people. They met almost everyone every single day on their tour in Manila. They’d go out and take selfies with people even though they weren’t allowed to. I think what’s beautiful is that they’d actually make conversation with you and it just feels like talking with your friends. Genuine people with amazing music and have so much passion, that’s why I love With Confidence.

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Written by CelebMix