Dan and Phil – Why We Love Them

YouTube has provided a place to go when we are bored, want to show a friend a really funny video, or just to watch our favorite YouTubers. Many people have made YouTube their career, which is good for everyone. It has brought to us people such as Tyler Oakley, Shane Dawson, Zoe Sugg, Joey Graceffa, and of course, Dan and Phil. With over five million subscribers, Dan Howell (A.K.A. Danisnotonfire) has to be one of the best YouTubers out there. The same goes for his best friend, and also famous YouTuber, Phil Lester (A.K.A. AmazingPhil) with over three million subscribers. Here are some reasons why we love these British boys.

1) They are HILARIOUS!

If you are looking for a good laugh, or something to cheer you up, these boys are for you. Whether Dan and Phil are reacting to their old videos, playing a new game together, or just talking about a random subject, you are bound to laugh at some point. And it’s not just that little stifled laugh, it’s the laugh where your face gets really red, and your stomach hurts, and your laugh gets silent because your laughing so hard. And it’s not just Dan and Phil’s joking around, Dan also has a habit of falling or just being overall clumsy.

2) They interact with their fans and viewers

In Dan and Phil’s latest videos, they had their fans draw out scenes from fanfictions, written by them, and picked out some artwork to put into a little movie about it. They do this kind of thing a lot, for example, you can use the app they made, the 7-Second Challenge, and they could possibly use your challenge in one of their videos. They are also very active on their social medias as well. When they aren’t on Twitter, making videos, or admiring their new-released book, every once in a while they do a YouNow, which is basically a live video where you can comment on their video and they can respond (if you are lucky enough for them to see it).

3) They are really relatable

If you already watch them, you would know that they are not the party-all-the-time, always-go-outside kind of people. They are like the majority of us who stay inside on the internet all day. They don’t hide this fact either. Also, they say little things sometimes that make us say “Yes! THIS HAPPENS TO ME ALL THE TIME!” For example, how Dan and Phil always say how they are trapped in fandoms and they can never leave. They are basically speaking for all of us.

4) They don’t do YouTube for fame

Nowadays, a lot of people will do anything for fame. However, these boys do it for fun, and for the fans. To a lot of people, Dan and Phil’s YouTube videos are the only thing that makes them smile. Both Dan and Phil know this, and try their hardest to make their viewers happy. The other day, Dan did a YouNow, and someone congratulated him on his nomination for an award. Dan immediately thanked the person, but said how he had a problem with awards based on popularity. He went on to say “I just want to say, for all intents and purposes, in the future, if I’m nominated for a Radio Times something or a Teen Choice something… unless I ask for some reason… Please, don’t feel like you have to waste your time doing it. I appreciate how much you support me. And you guys need to have your own self-esteem, you don’t need some random website to tell you that you’re the best… For me? It doesn’t matter.”

Well, what do you think? Do you watch Dan and Phil’s YouTube channels? If not, will you? Leave a comment down below or tweet us @CelebMix

Written by LaurenHauck