Dan and Phil – A Year In Review

2015 has been a busy year for Dan Howell and Phil Lester, best known for their YouTube channels, danisnotonfire and amazingphil, and winners of our Youtube Duo/Group of The Year Award.

The unbeatable duo of the two very well known best friends gave us a lot of surprises and reasons to be proud of them this year. They didn’t fail to entertain their viewers while simultaneously writing a book, doing a tour, radio shows, weekly live shows, making an app and interacting with their fans all the time. Does it sound like too much work for just one year? They managed to take care of all of it anyway.

Their 2015 started with their debut in the cinema world with a cameo in Disney animation Big Hero 6. Considering how much they love Disney, we can just imagine their enthusiasm for taking part in this project.

But the main event of their 2015 has surely been the release of their book, “The Amazing Book Is Not On Fire” (more commonly referred to as TABINOF), which has been introduced by this message

“Hello reader,
In this book is a world. A world created by two awkward guys who share their lives on the internet!
We are Dan and Phil and we invite you on a journey inside our minds! From the stories of our actual births, to exploring Phil’s teenage diary and all the reasons why Dan’s a fail. Learn how to draw the perfect cat whiskers, get advice on what to do in an awkward situation and discover which of our dining chairs represents you emotionally. With everything from what we text each other, to the time we met One Direction and what really happened in Vegas…
This is The Amazing Book Is Not On Fire!”

and this trailer

and has immediately achieved resounding success, so that they decided to release an audio-book version of it, “The Amazing Audio-book Is Not On Fire”. To accompany the book Dan e Phil toured the Uk and the America with their “The Amazing Tour Is Not On Fire” (TATINOF) which included things from previous events (such as SitC and Vidcon) and entirely new content, along with audience participation.

There is another reason why 2015 has been Dan and Phil’s year: the release of the 7 Second Challenge App! The idea was born in March of 2014 when Phil did the first ever challenge with Kickthepj; from there it exploded into one of the best known Youtube challenges.  Now Dan and Phil are the official overlords of the 7 Second Challenge universe with a game that immediately got an immense success.

The two British YouTubers didn’t just realise these amazing projects, they also kept working in the entertainment industry.  They even hosted, in February, a Youtube stream from the red carpet at the Brit Awards 2015!  They got to entertain their favourite celebrities with their 7 Second Challenge live for fans to see! They’re also still working for BBC Radio 1.

We can’t forget about the YouTube world, where they had achieved amazing results: Dan reached 5 million subscribers on his channel and Phil 3 million. Their fans couldn’t be prouder. Moreover, this year marked one year since they opened their gaming channel, which has already got almost 2 million subscribers, making Dan and Phil’s fans laugh with funny moments and with the adventures of Dil (their avatar for The Sims, now so important that they posted a “Draw my life” video just for him). Their presence in the YouTube Rewind video has also been very pleasant!

The Tumblr world has given them good reward too! Dan and Phil are in fact the first and second most reblogged web celebs and the second most reblogged ship on Tumblr.


One thing is for sure: we are all proud of Dan and Phil. This year started with their desired trip to Japan, the native land of anime (and we know that Dan and Phil are big fans) and has been a year full of satisfaction for them and surprises for their fans. Not only they accomplished so much, but they were so happy while doing it and they never forgot about their fans and their viewers. It has been a great year, and hopefully a greater one is about to come!

Written by CelebMix