David Mark Bulley

Watch: David Mark Bulley’s video for ‘Wonderful Life’

Unsigned artist David Mark Bulley has unveiled the visuals for his new single ‘Wonderful Life’.

The self-penned track is one of David’s most personal and emotional songs yet. The accompanying video is suitably powerful and encourages you to keep fighting even when you’re at your lowest point.

The visual sees David dragging a heavy bag through the sand on a beach, which represents the feeling of being weighed down by your worries and problems. He buckles under the strain, feeling helpless and unable to cope with the weight on his heart.

“No-one can be saving me”

David is then seen opening his bag, and pulling out heavy stones representing the feelings he’s experienced: “lost”, “anger”, “sorrow”. He picks up one of the stones and throws it as far away as possible.

This leads to an uplifting change in the song, as well as in the mood of the video. After throwing away one of the stones, you can see the relief on David’s face. He throws his bag away, and runs across the sand, signifying that he has freed himself from the feelings that were causing him so much pain. He acknowledges that life won’t always be perfect, but that he is a stronger being now.

“Now when I look at myself in the mirror, I smile at the one that I used to be.
The highs and the lows, they are part of me”

The song is an acceptance that there will always be highs and lows in life, but that you can find the strength within yourself to not return to your lowest ebb. Life can be quite wonderful and every experience shapes you as a person – something of which David is grateful for.

The track was written by David when he was going through a very dark time, however, he is living proof that it is possible to overcome obstacles and come out fighting the other end. Being able to tell your story through the power of music is a gift, and David has beautifully poured his heart out during ‘Wonderful Life’.

This ballad is a raw and powerful reminder for anyone listening that they are strong enough to carry on and survive. It might not always feel like it, but there are plenty of things to be grateful for in this wonderful life.

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Written by Katrina Rees

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