DISCOVER: "Devil In Me" by Los Angeles Indie Rock Group Max Fite

DISCOVER: “Devil In Me” by Los Angeles Indie Rock Group, Max Fite

Max Fite is an indie rock group from Los Angeles, California consisting of Max Fitelson (guitar, lead vocals), Jamie Cunningham (guitars, backup vocals), Carl Raether (bass, backup vocals), and Macy Lucarelli (drums).

Using the power of music as a healing tool, Max Fite is a band that strives to make their songs great by using everyday situations that happen in life. This includes both life’s struggles and successes. On their latest album, Shake It On Down, listeners can hear tones of rock ‘n’ roll and blues along with a mix of folk, leaving thier audience with a striking and visual experience.

DISCOVER: "Devil In Me" by Los Angeles Indie Rock Group Max Fite
Album Cover Art

Since becoming a band in 2015, Max Fite has worked with producer Jaron Luksa in thier home town of Los Angeles, California. Thanks to Jaron ithe band got to create the vibrant record we mentioned above, Shake It On Down.

If you love bands like Gaslight Anthem, The Killers, and Queens Of The Stone Age, you may love Max Fite!

You can purchase Shake It On Down HERE.

Check out their music video for “Devil In Me” below:

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