EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Bronnie

Bronnie took to the stage at the Rainbow Venues, Birmingham in support of Josh Taylor on his “Hot For Me” Tour.

She’s the 17-year-old who is bringing back pop/rock. Her first single was “Modern Day Christmas”; she then later followed it up with “High School Sucks“.

In Birmingham, she rocked the stage as support for Josh Taylor on his “Hot For Me” Tour. The crowd were singing along and helping her out with some of her original songs. Her mashup of “Stacy’s Mom” and “Teenage Dirtbag”, originally sung by Fountains of Wayne and Wheatus respectively, was well received.

After her performance, she took CelebMix backstage for an interview. Up the stairs we went and chilled out on the leather sofas whilst the other acts, including Josh Taylor, were getting ready for their sets. Her easy-going attitude and larger than life personality made this interview easy.

How did you find the gig downstairs?

It was amazing. It was so hot. The audience were really good, they even sang along to songs they had never heard of.

How was your first single “Modern Day Christmas”?

Well because it was a Christmas song, I thought: ‘You know what? Get this annual song sort of thing going on’. I was really happy with it, I wasn’t expecting a load of sales. But it sold a lot and got a load of YouTube views on it, more than my covers so that was pretty good going. I got a really good response off it.

“High School Sucks” was the next single, why did you choose that?

I do a lot of periscopes with all my originals and everyone was like: ‘I love “High School Sucks”‘, so I was like: ‘aww, I’ve got to do that’. So I went to Edge Recording Studio, which was super fun. Josh [Bentley] played “High School Sucks” in the recording studio, which was fun. We also did backstage videos. Now, I’m currently working on a new single now, can’t say when it’s going to be released because it’s not finished yet, but that should be out in the next couple of months, definitely. I’m always writing and I’m literally sending my songs to Josh like: ‘Get this on guitar and try to play it’.

What was your inspiration for “High School Sucks”?

I was watching “American Pie” and I felt it just didn’t add up to school; like before secondary school I was like: ‘This is going to be amazing; beer pong all the time and all that’ but it’s really not it’s ‘homework, homework, got to do this, got to do that’. It really sucked, I hated high school, and then I just thought I’d write “High School Sucks”. I was listening to my favourite bands from like ten years ago, bands like Wheatus. I was just like: ‘You know what? High school really does suck’. So I just wrote a song about it. Yeah everyone loved it. It’s good because everyone can relate to it as well because I like to write songs that are really relatable to get more audience attention and all that.

What was the reaction like for your Against The Current cover “Gravity”?

It got some really nice comments. I normally do guitar covers acoustically and it was the first time I have done a piano piece, so that was really cool. Everyone was like: ‘You should do that more often’. So I think I will do some more piano pieces. I plan to do more covers that show off my voice.

Who are your inspirations?

I love Blink-182, as you can tell by the top I am wearing. Avril Lavigne, I love her, she’s cool. Green Day, Bowling For Soup, Busted; all those kind of [pop/rock] bands, I love them all.

So what’s next for Bronnie?

What’s next? A new single, I can’t say when. I’m also supporting Josh [Taylor] in Liverpool. [Josh Taylor cheers in the background]. That’s 16th October. Fun stuff like that. I’m going to be doing, hopefully, a headline gig next year in Liverpool; not sure when, not sure where. There’s just a load of plans right now. I’ll be going into Edge Recording Studio at the end of the year to record some more songs, hopefully, to release an EP or something like that.

It’s October now, so what’s your plans for Halloween?

Halloween, oh my God! I’ll be dressing up as like everything! On my extra YouTube channel, because I have two, I want to do loads of vlogs and all that, and I love candle making; I plan on making loads of Halloween candles and maybe do some tutorials on there. And then, yeah, just go out and have fun. Halloween is the best time of the year, after Christmas, definitely after Christmas.

Thank you Bronnie for chatting with us, good luck supporting Josh Taylor in Liverpool, we’re sure you’ll smash it!

“High School Sucks” is available to download now, as well as her Christmas song “Modern Day Christmas” which you can download here.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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