Gabby Douglas Joins AT&T’s #LaterHaters Campaign To End Cyberbullying

Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas has joined the #LaterHaters campaign in an effort to end online bullying.

Statistics show that 55% of teens have witnessed online bullying, and 95% of those who see it, ignore it.

In an interview with Good Morning America, Gabby said, “My first real experience [with online hate] was this past Olympics in Rio.” Gabby revealed that she began Googling herself and saw negative comments about her. “I was so hurt because people brought up my past and all of the things I did wrong,” she said.

In 2010, AT&T launched its It Can Wait campaign to encourage people to use their devices in a safe matter. Now, AT&T, Fullscreen Brandworks, and McBeard, are collaborating to spread a positive message through social media.

Between perfect ‘grams and snaps, it’s easy to forget the power we hold in the palm of our hands.

This unique program includes the integration of #LaterHaters Snapchat Geofilters across high schools in the U.S. This means that over 24,000 high schools have access to the Geofilter that gives Snapchatters a fun way to spread AT&T’s message to their friends!

lil reminder… choose love over hate. open snap at your high school and use the @Later_Haters filter to spread the positive vibes today! LOVE YA! ? #LaterHaters

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Motivational speaker and author Lizzie Velásquez has also joined the movement. She says, “I’m teaming up with AT&T to drown out the negativity to send out some love today to my followers. Go and post something nice for someone today, on Instagram and all over social.”

It is time to change the way we use social media! Spread love and kindness by joining the #LaterHaters campaign. Just open your Snapchat and find the filter to start spreading positive vibes online today!

Want to learn more about the program? Visit the campaign’s official website and Instagram!

Let’s start a conversation that becomes a movement. The more of us there are, the louder our love can be. Let’s drown out the haters with hearts. #LaterHaters

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Written by Michele Mendez

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