Happy Birthday, Dan Howell!

Dan Howell, of the YouTube channel danisnotonfire, is celebrating his 25th birthday today!

The past year has been full of incredible achievements for Dan. He has released a book with his best friend Phil, gone on tour in the UK, interviewed the cast of Mockingjay, and hosted the BBC documentary “Supergamers”.

Also, Dan and Phil are currently in America performing The Amazing Tour is not on Fire! Dan (as usual) had some existential thoughts about his birthday, which he shared on Twitter.

Some of Dans friends have took to Twitter today to wish him happy birthday!

Of course, there have been some amazing fan projects for Dan’s birthday, from detailed drawings, to unique hashtags, to new headers for his Twitter profile, and even getting his birthday recognized on a Canadian news station!

One standout is this video, where a fan skillfully slices a piece of paper and creates a beautiful birthday message for Dan.  Dan and Phil’s fans continue to show their unwavering support, dedication, and love for the boys.

Dan and Phil are currently performing their live stage show, The Amazing Tour is not on Fire, in the U.S, and it just so happened that they are performing in Las Vegas the day after Dan’s birthday! The Vegas show is actually a special show for Dan’s birthday, where attendees can make a birthday card for Dan to submit for the Crafty Corner section of the show.

Las Vegas holds a special significance to Dan and Phil and their fans. The two went to Vegas a few years ago, vlogged their trip, and promised multiple times that a video with that footage would be out “soon”. However, the video never came, and is now known as the infamous, yet non-existent, “Vegas Video”. In fact, Dan and Phil’s book, The Amazing Book is not on Fire, includes a section about “What happened in Vegas”, which is of course 100% true! So, we can’t wait to hear what adventures Dan and Phil get up to in Vegas this time… and maybe a Vegas video part 2?

To celebrate his birthday, we have compiled a short list (it could really go on forever) of our favourite Youtube videos of Dan’s.

1. Fandoms

This video of Dan’s is relatable, funny and accurate! He talks about how being in a fandom and being obsessed with something can ruin your life… not that we would be able to relate to that! An interesting point he raises is the difference between a casual fan and a fan that goes on the internet and joins a community of other fans, which usually results in a life ruining obsession. The sketches and cutaways in this video are also hilarious and well executed! If you’re a hardcore fan of anything, you will be able to relate to this one!

2. A Tour of Dan’s Brain

This is one of Dan’s more personal videos, and will probably help you get to know him better. He shares with us all of the different sections of his brain using a cardboard brain with flaps. These sections include “the distraction centre”, “the envy lobe”, “the opinion cortex” and “the corridor of fear”. It is a creative idea for a light-hearted video that also has some deeper and more serious parts. It also helps fans feel a bit closer to Dan as they know some of the daily thoughts and feelings that he has. The video is also very well made and took Dan a long time to create, but we definitely think it was worth it!

3. The Internet is Mean

In this video, Dan expresses his opinions about how the internet can be a mean place filled with unnecessary hate and anger. He talks about why people feel the need to lash out against others, and then goes on to explain how it is so much better to spread kindness and positivity, not just for others, but for yourself as well . He speaks the truth when he says “at the end of the day, most trolls just need a hug.” Dan also went on to start a hashtag on Twitter, #NicerInternet, to invite people to express how they can contribute to making the Internet an all around nicer place.

There are still some tickets left for Dan and Phil’s show in America, so go here to see the dates and purchase tickets before it’s too late!

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Happy 25th birthday Dan, from all of us at CelebMix! We hope you have fun in Las Vegas!

How are you celebrating Dan Howell’s birthday? What is your favourite fan birthday project for Dan that you’ve seen? Let us know on Twitter @CelebMix.





Written by Annemarie Cutruzzola

Canadian arts & culture writer and journalism student.