Joakim Molitor Drops New Track “Always Gonna Say Sorry” Featuring Maia Wright

Summer is just about to begin, so it’s no surprise summer-induced anthems are being released. Swedish producer and DJ, Joakim Molitor has released this awesome collaboration with Maia Wright titled “Always Gonna Say Sorry”.

The song was released today and has been teased on Joakim Molitor’s social media for the past week or so. It is about two people who are in a relationship with one another but they are going in two different directions.

Listen To Joakim Molitor’s New Song “Always Gonna Say Sorry” Featuring Maia Wright Here:

If there’s one song you are hoping to hear in DJ sets whilst out clubbing, it’s this song. Fired up from the get-go, the song has an Imani Williams “Don’t Need No Money” feel to it. As Maia Wright kicks in with those passionate lyrics; you can hear her technical beauty of her voice, easily conveying the meaning of the song.

Maia Wright continues to bring it with her vocals, nailing the notes effortlessly. As the chorus finishes up, Joakim Molitor blazes onto the track with future synths and beats that we love hearing. Fleshing the song out rhythmically, Joakim Molitor proves he’s one Swedish DJ we need to be on the look out for.

“Always Gonna Say Sorry” is available to download and stream now. Could it do better than his previously released songs “Open Your Eyes” and “Lovers On Film”, both of which has over 100,000 streams?

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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