Joakim Molitor Releases New Single “Weightless” Featuring Maia Wright

We have a brand new banger of a song from Joakim Molitor, and it is totally incredible. With vocals from Maia Wright, “Weightless” is a brilliant dance track that you can’t help but love. He sure has followed up “Always Gonna Say Sorry” with the perfect song.

This is the second track he has released with Maia Wright as the vocalist. “Always Gonna Say Sorry” was released on 26 May 2017 and has already gained over five million streams on Spotify. As for “Weightless”, it’s had a great start and it’s a brilliant follow-up.

Listen To Joakim Molitor’s “Weightless” Featuring Maia Wright Here:

The song was released on Uniform Beat and has a raging rhythm that certainly feels weightless. It’s uplifting from the get-go, with a sensual backing track that completely relates to the lyrics of the song.

Maia Wright impresses with her vocals, reminding us of Imani Williams. She has this soft but meaningful voice that works with the track perfectly. As for the drop, it’s totally on form, with Joakim Molitor totally giving us a track we’ve been needing in our lives.

As the seasons change, Joakim Molitor keeps us loving EDM music with this “Weightless” track. It was released yesterday and is available to download and stream now.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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