The John Lewis Christmas 2016 Advert Is Finally Here

A few days ago, a Twitter account was created under the handle, “@bouncing2016,” and it left some people very confused. Who was this mysterious dog named Buster? What did the #BounceBounce trend mean? Well, when the user of the account began posting ten-second teasers of the sweet dog, it all became clear. Eagle-eyed fans of the retailer known as John Lewis noticed that the font used in the teasers was the same as the font used in their famous Christmas adverts.

Fast forward to today and we finally have the official full-length Christmas advert from the people at John Lewis, who seem to tug at our heart strings and melt our ice-cold hearts more each year. The advert was released this morning on the UK-based retailer’s Twitter account. You can watch it here:


It’s so cute! Buster, who is the obvious star of the whole production, is actually called Biff in real life and he lives in Bedfordshire with his owners Jan Patten and Mick Howe and his equally adorable boxer siblings Darcey and Betty. He was chosen for the role because of his, “expressive,” face and excitable temperament.

The annual tradition of the John Lewis Christmas advert signals the true start of the festive season, dazzling viewers all around the world with its heart-warming production and message of hope. The very first advert titled, “Shadows,” was launched back in 2007 but nobody realised just how big the tradition would be. Now we are in 2016 and the masterminds at John Lewis have taken our breath away once again.

The music behind the adverts is incredible too, with many of the songs used in the campaigns often reaching high positions in the UK Singles Chart. In previous years, singers Ellie Goulding, Lily Allen, Tom Odell, and Aurora have stunned us with their covers of classic songs but this year it is the turn of English band Vaults.

Their cover of Randy Crawford’s, “One Day I’ll Fly Away,” compliments Buster’s story in the advert astonishingly well and it is sure to hit the charts hard when it is released in the coming days.

At least now we know what we want to ask Santa for this year…

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Written by Zoe Adams

Hi! I am a 23 year old graduate who loved writing essays so much that I like to do it in my free time too. Some of my other hobbies include listening to music, trying out the latest make-up trends, and catching up on celebrity gossip. I am a small person with lots of big dreams and you can check me out on Twitter, @StrawberryZoe.