JoJo Finally Dropped Her Tringle

The wait is finally over, you guys. It. Is. Finally. Over.  All of our desperate prayers have been answered last night when US-singer JoJo decided to unexpectedly drop her tringle of new music one day earlier than expected.

Just to take the edge off of the whole announcement: yes, the EP is as good as we hoped it would be (dare I say, it is even better than fans ever thought it could be?). “III.”- as the new project is titled- consists of, duh!, three brand new tracks that serve as a little appetizer for JoJo’s long-awaited third studio album.

The tringle opens with the very fun and very dance-y pop/house- infused track “When Love Hurts” which was produced by Benny Blanco & Jason Evigan (just a fun FYI: Blanco was responsible for hits such as Ke$ha’s “Tik Tok” or Maroon 5’s “Moves Like Jagger” while Evigan produced Fifth Harmony’s first EP, Jason Derulo’s “Talk Dirty”, etc.). During a special bonus track- that can be found on Spotify- JoJo explained that this song is of great importance to her as the lyrics focus on the fact that one has to continue doing whatever he or she likes or loves (in her case: music) even if others throw rocks in your paths; at the end of the day, it will be worth it. “When Love Hurts” will impact radio stations soon, according to one of JoJo’s recent tweets, as it serves as the lead single of her new musical era.

Next up is the catchy and also highly uplifting ballad “Save My Soul” for which JoJo traveled to Sweden in order to work with the producers The Family. In the previously mentioned Spotify commentary, JoJo explained that the song is about addiction for her, written out of the perspective of an addict that fell into this unknown situation. She wrote this song with a positive twist and wants it to be encouraging for her audience as she believes that one can get through everything. Even through the toughest ones.

Last but not least is the wonderful, very dramatic and very emotional power ballad “Say Love”, that got produced by Harmony Samuels (who was also responsible for producing songs by JLS, Fifth Harmony, Ciara, and other greats). It is my personal highlight as JoJo gets to demonstrate her strong voice over a beautiful melody filled with a catchy chorus and that one-of-a-kind, absolutely perfect finish that will make you want to raise your hands to heaven and scream “yaaaaaas”.

If JoJo’s next studio album is anywhere near as good as this EP, then we will all be blown away. Get ready for it, folks. This will be awesome.

But for now, we should all enjoy the beauty of “III.”. Convince yourself and listen to JoJo’s tringle of fresh music, either on SoundCloud, Spotify or on other streaming services. It is also available on all digital retailers.




Written by Heiko

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