Josh Cuthbert Reveals A New Union J Album This Year Is Unlikely

But a new single is due this summer.

Hunky Union J member Josh Cuthbert has exclusibely revealed to OK! Magazine Online that the four-piece band are unlikely to release a new studio album this year:  “I think we’ll look to release the full album the start of next year.” Cuthbert told the magazine.

But fear not as the 24-year-old singer and model also revealed that Union J who are now signed to a brand new management team and plan to release not one but two brand new singles this year. Their last release was back in 2014. “It’s been two years since we released a song, and in my opinion that’s two years too long so we’re very excited to be releasing again” Josh added to OK! Magazine Online.

He also confirmed the planned release dates for the two new Union J songs: “Personally, I think that realistically it’s going to be a couple of singles this year. One in the summer and then one towards the end of the year. The rough plan is to release [the first single] around August time, everything does change, but that is the rough time.” 

We here at Celeb Mix cannot wait to hear Union J’s new music. For more Union J news make sure you check out our exclusive interview with Josh Cuthbert.

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