Kevin Simm Releases “Wildfire” As An Instant Grat Single For His New Album “Recover”

Kevin Simm, ex-Liberty X singer and the most recent winner of The Voice UK; released his single “Wildfire” this week in promotion of his new album “Recover”.

The said album is currently available to pre-order right now. In doing so, you will get “Wildfire” instantly.

The song was written by Kevin Simm, Matty Benbrook, Pauline Taylor & Ed Drewett. It’s strong and easy, not at all what we were expecting as a first single from this winner.

Having watched him compete in The Voice UK; tackling songs from “Chandelier” by Sia to “Rolling In The Deep” by Adele; this song fails to hit the mark, not quite showing off his wild vocal range.

However, Kevin Simm dropped an acoustic version of the song on his Vevo account. He proves there is much more to be heard from the song than the studio version that is given to us on the album.

Watch Kevin Simm perform “Wildfire” acoustically here:

“Wildfire” is a safe song that fails to show any risks. Highly emotional, we can totally tell this song comes from Kevin Simm’s heart but the studio version doesn’t quite show off his vocal ability.

This song becomes a lot more catchy the more you listen to it. It is the first song on “Recover”, therefore, as an introducing song, this is perfect. It entices the listeners into the album and lets us know there is more to come.

We know that Kevin Simm can deliver with this album, and although this song is not what we were expecting, he totally killed it in the acoustic session.

He announced on his Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts that there will be a video to “Wildfire”. In a Facebook Live video, he exclusively takes us behind the scenes of the shoot.

“Recover” is available to pre-order now, and will be officially released on 28 October. We expect more instant grat singles to drop to promote this album more. We know Kevin Simm has more to give, and we can’t wait to hear the next track.

What are your thoughts on “Wildfire”? What are you hoping this new album will bring? Was Kevin Simm a worthy winner of The Voice UK? Tell us all your thoughts on Twitter @CelebMix.

Written by Jonathan Currinn

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