What We Learnt About Season 2 Of Scream Queens At SDCC

The Scream Queens panel took place last weekend and we learnt all about new characters, the new killer and what the girls are now up too!

There’s a three year time jump

With Hester being revealed as the red devil and the Chanels being locked away, it will be interesting to see what these four girls are now doing three years on. Or shall we say, how they’re doing because three years isn’t going to get them let out for their crazy antics. It’ll also be good to see what the characters who weren’t locked away are doing as they’ve had three years to relax and de-stress over any killing sprees!

Season 2 will take place in a hospital

Dean Munsch will be the owner of the hospital. It’s unclear on her reasoning for buying a hospital as she had found fame for her book on new-new feminism. The hospital is also a former asylum.

Cecily Strong and Colton Haynes will guest-star as patients in the hospital

We’re assuming these two won’t last long in this new murderous hospital.

John Stamos is cast as surgeon, Dr. Brock Holt

He’s not JUST a surgeon though… He is the “recipient of the world’s first complete hand transplant.”

Taylor Lautner will become Dr. Cassidy Cascade

“It’s completely different for me. I’ve never done anything like this and I just wanted to work with talented people.” He will also be the prime suspect of many tragedies and will form a bond with Chanel No.3.

The Chanels are not doing so well!

When we first encounter them, they’ve fallen from their glamour and are trying to hold on to what they have left as much as they can, as they have no money left to spend on fancy designer clothes. Be on the look out for some fashionable hospital gear such as; fur stethoscopes.

Zayday is a med student

Zayday will be working in the hospital as a thank you to Dean Munsch for giving her the opportunity to become a med student.

Niecy Nash (Officer Denice Hemphill) and Glen Powell (Chad Redwell) will return

It’s unknown as to what their roles will be in the hospital, however, we’re looking forward to their returns!

There will be a brand new killer

Not much has been revealed on the new killer but we do know it’s definitely not Hester, it’s got nothing to do with devils and it will have a new colour, no more red!

Season 2 will be ‘bloodier and funnier’

“I feel like we’re leaning into the creepiness a little bit more, a little bit more in to the comedy aswell.” – Ian Brennan

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