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Lilly Singh Releases New Edition of #GirlLove Rafikis in Support of Girls’ Education

Photo credit: Daniel Sahlberg

September 26th marks Canadian YouTuber, actress, and comedian Lilly Singh’s 29th birthday. What’s topping her wishlist this year, you ask? Oh, just the opportunity for every girl around the world to be able to receive an education. For the second year in a row, Lilly has launched a birthday campaign in partnership with ME to WE. This year, she is selling a new edition of her #GirlLove rafiki bracelets. As well as providing jobs for the women in Kenya who are hand-making the bracelets, the proceeds from each rafiki sold will help pay for girls education in Kenya, funding school supplies, uniforms, and school fees.

Last year, over 30,000 rafikis were sold during Lilly’s birthday campaign, granting 600 girls access to education. The success of the campaign was largely due to Lilly’s devoted fanbase who wholeheartedly supported the campaign, some buying rafikis in the dozens and others spreading word of the campaign across social media like wildfire. Several of Lilly’s fellow YouTube creators, both male and female, also wore the rafikis and helped share the news of Lilly’s birthday campaign across the Internet.

Lilly recently returned from her second visit to Kenya, where she reconnected with the women and girls she met last year while launching the campaign. Once again, she witnessed firsthand the positive effects that emerge when girls are provided an education. “These girls work so hard and I’m so proud of them. They’re going to do amazing things,” said Lilly. “It has been incredibly humbling to see the impact we’ve made on young girls lives in Kenya with our first #GirlLove Rafiki.”

Photo: Jamie Napier for ME to WE

The redesigned bracelets have a gold aesthetic, are slightly longer, and also feature square beads. As with last year’s rafikis, they can be worn as bracelets, necklaces, or anklets- whatever strikes your fancy! This year, there is also a combo pack available for purchase which includes a #GirlLove pin as well as a bracelet. The revamped campaign also features dramatically lowered shipping prices, and it will now ship the bracelets to 223 countries!

Each rafiki bracelet comes with a charm that reads #GirlLove- which is the name of another campaign Lilly launched almost two years ago. When #GirlLove began, it was all about girl power, encouraging women to support each other, and ending the cycle of girl-on-girl hate. It has evolved into a movement that emphasizes equality, encourages everyone to stand up for what they believe in, and empowers both males and females around the world. These are similar virtues to that of the campaign’s partner organization ME to WE and parent company WE, which has not only helped Lilly travel to Kenya, but to various WE Days around the world to spread her inspiring message to the younger generations.

In her announcement video, Lilly emphasized just how much this campaign means to her. Providing girls with education is a cause close to her heart, and she repeatedly insisted it is the only thing she wants for her birthday. Her passion and selfless dedication to this cause and her camaraderie with the girls she’s helped so far is not only heart-warming but inspires her audience of over 12 million to contribute to worthwhile causes close to their own hearts.

Of the importance of campaigns like this one, Lilly says: “Until every child worldwide has the opportunity to go to school, we must do what we can to help our brothers and sisters achieve their highest goals.” Be sure to watch her video below where she further explains the cause and the success of last year’s campaign.

The new edition of Lilly’s #GirlLove rafikis will be on sale until October 11th, the Day Of The Girl. Lilly has currently set a goal of selling 16,000 rafikis by this date. The #GirlLove rafiki bracelets are available for purchase at GirlLove.com.

What are your thoughts on Lilly Singh’s new #GirlLove rafikis? Will you be purchasing one? Let us know on Twitter @CelebMix.

Photo Credit for featured image: Daniel Sahlberg


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