EXCLUSIVE: Morganway Release New Single “My Love Ain’t Gonna Save You”

Now that we are well and truly into the new year, it is time for us to look forward to all of the exciting things that are going to be happening in the next few weeks and as we settle into February, we can already tell that this year is going to be an amazing one. It is going to be amazing for many reasons but especially for alternative-country band Morganway who we predict are going to completely take over the music scene with their distinctive sound. And because we have predicted it, it is obviously going to come true.

Twins Callum and Kieran Morgan, Yve Mary B., Matt Brocklehurst and Simon Tinmouth make up the band and even though they all originate from Norfolk’s rural outback, we don’t think it will be long before their names are up in bright lights on a big stage. Each band member brings something different to Morganway, but collectively their unique sound makes them stand out way above the others. With sensational harmonies, insane riffs, and incredible songwriting skills which resemble Ryan Adams and The Lumineers, they definitely have a long career ahead of them and we are delighted to have been given a front-row seat.

Morganway are currently gearing up for the official release of their brand new single, “My Love Ain’t Gonna Save You,” which will be available to purchase on 3rd February, but they have kindly granted us an exclusive listen to their distinctive track which we are sure you are going to absolutely love.

So without further ado, here is your first listen of My Love Ain’t Gonna Save You:

…We’re not ashamed to say that we have had it on replay all day. Literally, all day.

When asked about their latest single, Morganway revealed that the lyrics leave room for interpretation but the idea is simple and that it, “asks questions but gets no answers… A bit like love, really!”

They also spoke about how the song came to be, explaining that, “the guitar riff and main melodies came first and then the other parts were gradually discovered after. So much is going on all at once that it feels like it’s going to explode. It’s about tension.”

“Some songs are written exactly as they end up, while others go on journeys… My Love Ain’t Gonna Save You is definitely a traveler,” they added, and we couldn’t agree more. We think that this song is definitely going to go on a journey, a really long one which will end with it being loved by many and getting a really high position on the charts once it is released.

If you loved their latest single as much as we do then you might want to look out for their second EP, “The Hurricane,” which is expected to drop on 7th April.

And if you can’t wait until April then you can purchase tickets for one (or all five) of their forthcoming shows right here. Morganway’s tour dates are as follows:

18th February at The Flying Pig in Cambridge
25th February at The Islington in London
3rd March at The Blue Moon in Cambridge
5th March at The Burston Crown in Burston
22nd March at The Bedford in London

What do you think about My Love Ain’t Gonna Save You? Will you be buying tickets to watch Morganway perform live? Let us know on Twitter, @CelebMix.

Written by Zoe Adams

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