QUIZ: How Well Do You Know The Gabbie Show?

Gabbie Hanna, otherwise known as “The Gabbie Show,” is an Internet sensation. With over 2 million subscribers on YouTube, she has built a large fanbase called her “showstoppers.”

Although she is known as a YouTuber now, she first gained fame on Vine, where her videos went viral all over the Internet.

Have you watched her videos? Are you a new fan, a casual fan, or a showstopper? Find out how well you know The Gabbie Show by taking our quiz! Then tell us how you did afterwards by tweeting us at @CelebMix!

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Written by Michele Mendez

My name is Michele and I am a college student studying Media Studies and Production with a double minor in Art and Journalism. CONTACT: michelemendez182@gmail.com TWITTER, INSTAGRAM, & FACEBOOK: @michmendezmedia