#SaveSarah: Being Gay Isn’t A Crime

Apparently, some people have not gotten the memo that being gay isn’t a crime. Being shared all over Facebook is a Go Fund Me page for a girl by the name of Sarah, cousin of actor/director Jeremy Jordan. If you don’t know who Jermey Jordan is, he starred in the Broadway production of “Newsies” (picture below) and also in the series “SuperGirl”.

#SaveSarah: Being Gay Isn't A Crime 3

Sarah is a 17-year-old from San Antonio, Texas with a very bright future. Not only is she in the top 10% of her class, she is a part of the cross country and debate teams, and she is a part of the National Honor Society. Not to mention, Sarah is gay.

According to her Go Fund Me page set up by her cousins, Sarah has a girlfriend and like any other couple they wanted to go to their high school prom. However, her parents were highly against the idea and hated the idea of Sarah even being gay. In response, they sent her to an East Texas Christian boarding facility to “pray the gay away”.

#SaveSarah: Being Gay Isn't A Crime 2

(Picture from Jeremy Jordan’s Facebook Page: Sarah and her Girlfriend)

“So instead of being surrounded by friends and extended family who love and support Sarah for who she is, she’ll be isolated in a place where the fact that she is gay is treated as a sin and an illness. Instead of preparing for college and competing in the state debate tournament, she’ll be doing forced labor every day and enduring Bible-based ‘therapy’ for her ‘disease’ ” as said by her cousin Joey Jordan, who made the Go Fund Me page.

Supposedly Sarah has tried to escape but was caught rather quickly. She has been cut off from the outside world and getting her back to reality isn’t cheap. The family needs $100,000 in order to free Sarah legally before her one year is up. In just four days, about 1,800 people have been able to raise around $60,500 just for her cause and that number continues to rise by the minute.

Even if Sarah is released, her cousins don’t plan on stopping with their campaign. By releasing Sarah, they hope to show the world that being gay isn’t a crime and teens shouldn’t be punished for being open about their sexuality.

Sarah is not the only teen who is stuck in this horrible situation. Millions of teens are affected by their parents not accepting their sexuality and some have even been sent to camps, like the one Sarah is at, in hopes to find a “cure” for their “illness”. Sarah is just one representation of how being a part of the gay community isn’t easy, even if laws have been passed which allow gay marriage.

Join Jeremy and Joey Jordan and take a stand to help free their lovely cousin. No one should have to go through something like this and she deserves to be in a world that accepts her for who she is. Not only are you helping save Sarah, you are standing against all the people that think being gay is wrong. You are making a difference by donating or even sending out a simple tweet.

To get more information or to donate to Sarah’s page click here. Also, tweet us @CelebMix with your thoughts on Sarah’s story or tell us if you donated to her cause. Most importantly get her story trending by sharing the multiple posts on Jeremy Jordan’s Facebook page or by sharing the hashtag #SaveSarah.

Written by CelebMix