Single Review: Troye Sivan ft. Alessia Cara- WILD

In case you haven’t heard, Troye Sivan has released a remix of his song ‘WILD’, featuring one of his good friends Alessia Cara! The single has already charted in over 40 countries since its release this morning.

It has been very well received by Troye and Alessia’s fans so far, and #TROYEALESSIAWILD has been trending on Twitter all day.

Even Hailee Steinfeld loves the remix!

Now let’s talk about the song itself, and why everyone is loving this new version of ‘WILD’.

The song is slightly sped up, but it may take a couple listens to realize the tempo change. Other than that, the first verse and chorus is the same as the version on the album. Then, Alessia Cara enters the song and blows our minds! She wrote her own verse that fits the theme of the song perfectly, but also adds some more lyrical depth. It brings more attention to the fact that the love in question isn’t perfect, and the people in love have some flaws of their own. Her verse is as follows:

We’re alike you and I
Two blue hearts locked in our wrong minds
So can we make the most out of no time?
Can you hold me?
Can you make me leave my demons & my broken pieces behind?

Alessia doesn’t just shine in her own verse, she harmonizes with Troye during the chorus and pre-chorus as well. Her voice and Troye’s complement each other’s beautifully. Troye has light, breathy vocals, while Alessia has a powerful and soulful voice. Plus, Alessia’s Pop/R&B style fits perfectly with ‘WILD’s pop themed lyrics and hip-hop inspired beat.

Lyrically, the song is mostly interpreted as the the intense feeling of desired, but forbidden love. Being in love but somehow not being able to fully express it is an increasingly popular theme in pop music, a theme also evident in Little Mix’s Secret Love Song Pt.II.  The original version of ‘WILD’ is part of the Troye’s Blue Neighbourhood Triliogy, along with his songs ‘FOOLS’ and ‘TALK ME DOWN’. These three songs and music videos tell a heartbreaking story, which you can watch below.

Now we wait for the new music video! Troye travelled to Toronto recently to film the music video with Alessia. He’s not sure yet when it will be out, but we can guess it’s “soon” (like a lot of things with Troye)!

Overall, ‘WILD’ ft. Alessia Cara by Troye Sivan is beautifully produced, both musically and lyrically. It is a catchy pop tune with inspirations from other genres, that will make you keep it on repeat for days.

Single Rating: 4.5/5

‘WILD’ ft. Alessia Cara is available to download on ITunes, and is also available on Spotify. In fact, it has recently reached the Top 10 on ITunes!

What are your thoughts on Troye Sivan’s remix of WILD? Do you think Alessia Cara enhanced the song? Let us know your opinions on Twitter @CelebMix.

Written by Annemarie Cutruzzola

Canadian arts & culture writer and journalism student.