TC Carter: Versatile Man At Age 23

TC Carter, who’s Spiderman himself in the eyes of his fans, was born May 3rd, 1993 in Naples with the full name of Tommy Howard Dee Carter. Although not too long later he moved to and spent most of his life growing up in Athens, Georgia. Ever since he was young, TC has always had a passion for acting, singing and dancing, and Athens was the place where he discovered his other passion for performing. He’s starred in various Broadway musicals in school and started to learn plenty types of dance.

We can state that in Athens, he already started to shine – but this was just the beginning.

When he moved to Los Angeles, he took many performing classes to increase his talents, then in 2009 he stepped into the successful Varsity FanClub to replace Thomas Fiss, becoming the youngest member of the band.

Since then, he’s starred in several commercials and has appeared on TV shows for small roles – for example in iCarly, Victorious or Shake it Up, and has started the band After Romeo where he brings a swagged out energy with his mates Drew, Jayk and Blake.

However, TC is not just a golden-throated singer and gifted actor, but he’s also a model and all in all an amazing artist. In addition to all of this, he can rap, dance, beatbox and he owns a fashion blog Street23Fashion with Michelle DeFraites

No doubts that he’s a masterpiece with many talents, and both Juliets and Bromeos are proud to see what he does.

He is working hard year to year and apparently he’s pursuing his dreams.

With already 23 years behind him, TC has definitely become a versatile and charming young man who’s ready to take the world by storm.

Fantastic voice, excellent dance skills, fresh style, incredible talent and admirable personality plus enormous willpower, and we think that he’s got everything that needs to be if you want to leave a huge mark on the world. TC is a confident guy who knows what he wants, so he’s fairly on the right way to become the person he wants to be.

Now, we prove it why YOU should keep him in mind!

Here are some of the best things that we love about him.

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1. His extraordinary character

We are not kidding when we say that sometimes he can be half super-shy and half super-outgoing, although, according to himself, he’s the quiet and chilly one who’s pretty laid-back. He’s generous, sweet, very creative, focused and severe, but he can also be a bit crazy and spontaneous. He’s certainly fun to hang out with, and we are sure that we couldn’t be bored for one second with him!


2. His ambitions

Since the day he was born, he’s following his passion, and right now, he’s got a proper job, being a great singer of a great band. We absolutely like people who know what they want in life, and TC always knew that he wanted to be an artist.

“My mom always said the performance was the way to be free and the best way to let who you really are shine.”
“One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure its worth watching.”


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3. His love of fashion

Oh, how we wish he could give us personal style lessons! It’s so unbelievable that he’s always super-styled, and that he always knows how to be dressed up. Well, we don’t blame him at all – a superstar should always look super cool, that’s it!


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4. His winning hair

In addition to his clothes, his hair is always on point, too. He had shorter hair, but now with his new hairstyle, he looks even more stunning. No matter what,  if his hair is short or longer, it’s always that kind of messy hair what we’d love to touch in every minute – how is that possible?

5. His handsome face & killer smile

In addition to his personality, in addition to his clothes and his hair – just look at him! Now really, it’s obvious. If his totally excellent qualities don’t make you melt, his incredible blue eyes will immediately steal your heart – we guarantee. And have you seen his big, sweet smile yet? TC is almost ALWAYS smiling and making us completely crazy with it. His smile is definitely his very best feature.

(Please, never stop smiling, TC – sincerely, CelebMix)

6. His adorableness

TC doesn’t get carried away too much by himself. He always shows and tells how much he loves his fans. Other than that, he’s supporting charities like PETA, and he’s a down-to-earth person, not an egoist.

7. His dance moves

After Romeo has got a choreography to almost all of their songs, and when they are performing, they always show these to their fans. TC is a dancing machine, but it’s not a surprise, namely he’s one of the choreographers. His favourite style is hip-hop, but he’s developed in plenty of other dance styles.

Happy 23th Birthday to the secret Spiderman from the whole CelebMix Team!

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