Album Review: Tegan and Sara – Love You to Death

Canadian pop duo Tegan and Sara have released their eighth studio album, titled Love You to Death. The album marks the duo’s shift further away from their indie roots, and their headfirst dive into more of a mainstream pop sound. After their song “Closer” off the album Heartthrob became a smash hit, one they performed alongside Katy Perry, the girls became more interested in making pop music. Another interesting thing to note is that none of the tracks on the new record feature guitar! Tegan explained why they got rid of the guitars  to The New York Times: “I think we’ve proven ourselves. Like, can I just sing? Can I just entertain?”

Let’s take a closer look at some of the standout tracks on Love You To Death!


The lead single from the single is a strong yet playful anthem about a relationship between two girls that one of them wants to keep secret. Though the two couldn’t sound more different, it has a similar underlying message as Little Mix’s “Secret Love Song Pt.II”. The music video is definitely worth watching, especially for the twist at the end!

Best Lyric: “But I don’t wanna be your secret anymore.”

Dying to Know:

This is one of the few songs that Tegan and Sara created collaboratively, as their usual process involves writing songs mostly independently, with just some feedback from the other. “Dying to Know” was made by combining pieces of their own songs, and it evidently had a great result. This song captures the all-consuming feeling of dying to know what an ex has been up to after a breakup, and still hurting from the relationship. It’s not a sad song though, the catchy chorus and upbeat tempo prevent it being a more serious song.

Best Lyric: “Is the one you ended up with everything you wanted”


This is one of the more emotional and personal tracks on the album, and is actually about Tegan and Sara’s relationship during a difficult time when the band almost broke up. However, the lyrics are written in a way so the listeners can interpret the song to be about anyone in their lives, whether that be a relationship, friendship or family member. This piano ballad also showcases their lower vocal range, which isn’t as evident on other songs on this album. Check out the music video – there’s cute puppies, we promise!

Best Lyric: “I was someone you love then I was no one at all. 


Tegan and Sara have once again produced another track that will stick in your head, but has meaningful and thought-provoking lyrics. “BWU”, which stands for Be With You, is about how  marriage isn’t necessary to be in a happy, long term relationship with someone. Tegan and Sara advocated for marriage equality in the U.S, but it’s made clear in this track that marriage is not essential to prove you love someone.

Best Lyric: “I love you, I don’t need a ring to prove that you’re worthy.”


With an infectious, electric beat, this song is about exactly what the title says it is, taking a U-Turn in a relationship. The lyrics perfectly capture what it feels like to realize you’re the one who’s wrong in a relationship, and have to figure out how to backtrack. The music video is very eclectic and different, it’s worth checking out.

 Best Lyric: “Sit myself down, bring my pride in, and start to focus, change who I’ve been”

If you haven’t already heard of Tegan and Sara, now is a great time to start listening to them. Love You To Death has already been receiving high praise. They are on tour in the UK, Asia and Australia this summer, and kick off their North American tour in September. Tegan and Sara are also huge advocates for the LGBTQ community, and both sisters are gay themselves. They have worked with the “It Gets Better” Campaign, and often address queer themes in their music, like within Boyfriend and BWU on this album.

The day before the album was released, the duo wrote a heartfelt post on their website about their pride for each other and love and sheer dedication to their fans.

Overall, Love You To Death is an album worth checking out, whether or not you’re a Tegan and Sara fan. It is a well written and well-produced pop album, with a mix of fun, light-hearted tracks, and songs with deeper, emotional messages.

Definitely check out Tegan and Sara’s new album, Love You To Death, and make sure to let us know what you think on Twitter @CelebMix.

Written by Annemarie Cutruzzola

Canadian arts & culture writer and journalism student.