Inna Features On The Motans New Single And Video “Nota de Plata”

Inna is back on a new Romanian collaboration; this time with Global Records label mate, The Motans. Their track is titled “Nota de Plata” and was released yesterday on the band’s YouTube Channel.

This is the first time that The Motans and Inna have collaborated, the Moldavian band has previously teamed up with Delia; whereas Inna has teamed up with a range of stars, from J Balvin to Carla’s Dreams, from Alexandra Stan to Pitbull, from Flo Rida to Antonia. This song deserves to be a hit in Romania and it’s one we keep playing over and over again.

Watch The Motans feat. Inna’s “Nota de Plata” Music Video Here:

As far as we can tell from the rough Google translation of the lyrics, the song is about a couple who are apologising to one another. Roughly, the song translates to “Bill” or “Payment Note” in English; what you usually get at the end of the meal, telling you how much you need to pay.

The music video, directed by Ionut Trandafir, stars Romanian actor George Pistereanu and Romanian actress Madalina Craiu. In the opening scene, they are sharing a bed together, clearly mad at one another as they are facing opposite ways. They also grab the duvet from one another in total annoyance – we’ve all been there.

Yet, they are sharing a dream, where they are on a date together. George takes out what looks to be his liver but could be his heart. Which we later see Denis Roabes, from The Motans, cooking up in the kitchen, all before serving George the internal organ, freshly cooked. As for Madalina, she just stares at George from across the table. At the end, it seems all is forgiven, as they wake up and cuddle under the duvet together.

The Motans’ singer Denis Roabes performs the song in the kitchen. As for Inna, she performs in a totally different place, as if she’s a part of this weird dream. She looks stunning, as always, wearing an outfit designed by Cristina Savulescu.

As for the song itself, it was written by Denis Roabes, Irina Rimes, Inna, Alexandru Cotoi, Costin Bodea, and Damian Rusu. The location of the video took place at Tapo Lounge, Bucharest, Romania.

We’re obsessed with this visual, even if it is a bit on the unusual side. The song is definitely catchy though. We hope the single is released soon.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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