Troye Sivan Announces “Wild Hunt”

Troye Sivan has kept his fans in suspense for the past couple days. After appearing on the Tonight Show, and announcing his new music video with Alessia Cara will premiere on Friday, Troye tweeted the cryptic hashtag, #WILDHUNT. He also tweeted the link to his website, where there was a live countdown to 9AM EST on Friday, July 22nd.

Fans have been making guesses about the hashtag left, right and centre, ranging from new merch to actually hunting down Troye Sivan himself. Now that the countdown is over, the #WILDHUNT starts now! Here are the official instructions from Troye’s website:

“Limited edition VHS tapes with the “WILD” music video have been placed in cities around the world. Find the tape nearest to you, work with friends to find a VCR, and be the first to see & share the music video using #WILDHUNT.”

There is currently a map on the website that shows the locations of the VHS tapes, and distinguishes between which ones are found and the ones yet to be found. Many have already been found and watched! It seems like they are not hidden in music shops like most people would expect, but in bushes and other nature areas (so yes, you have to go outside)!

Don’t worry if there aren’t any VHS tapes around you yet! Troye said that more will be hidden around the world today. Even if you don’t find one, the WILD music video premieres at 7:55 ET on MTV, so you won’t have to wait that much longer!

Fans are appreciative of the effort that went into this project, and are grateful that Troye chose this unusual way to promote his WILD music video. It is actually reminiscent of the hunt for the golden tickets in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!

This is a really unique way to promote a music video and get fans involved and excited. It shows that Troye really cares about his audience and wants to create a special experience for them. Kudos for Troye for coming up with this creative idea!

Remember to check out Troye’s website to see the live map of the tape locations. If you’re waiting for the music video to come out, why not check out our single review of “WILD” ft. Alessia Cara!

Are you excited for #WILDHUNT? Will you be participating? Let us know on Twitter @CelebMix.

Written by Annemarie Cutruzzola

Canadian arts & culture writer and journalism student.