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What our writers say 1We are a family

I love CelebMix because not only are we a group with an extreme amount of talent but because we write in a positive light. We’re a welcoming and accepting community. We’re a family.

I’ve learned that it’s more than okay to be who you are here. Like I said, we’re a family and we act like one too. I’ve also learned that whatever you write and whatever it’s about, people will put it down but that’s okay because not everyone’s going to like your work. We’re not meant to please everyone. I’ve also learned to be more vocal with my opinions. When I joined CelebMix, I wasn’t all that active. I commented on some posts but that was every once in a while. Now, I can voice my opinion where I know my opinion matters.

Why people should apply to CelebMix is because you explore a side of yourself that you never even knew existed or cared to acknowledge. You can turn writing into a true passion and get to know some awesome people. An opportunity like this obviously looks extremely good on a resume if you’re trying to get a job in journalism and overall, writing for CelebMix is fun!

Ellie, writer

What our writers say 2You won’t regret joining us!

One of the reasons why I wanted to be an entertainment writer was to spread celebrity news in a unique way. CelebMix has helped me achieve that because the site values positivity and fact-based articles. This fact sets CelebMix apart from other news outlets. Writing for a popular news site is a learning experience, you constantly get constructive feedback which will help you evolve as a writer. You are also in constant contact with your readers. This means that you can instantly see their reactions whenever you get an article published, which is both motivating and humbling. CelebMix has helped me become more confident and mature, not only in my writing but also in my personal life. Being a part of a team where I’m appreciated and learning that I actually have talent has helped me immensely and I’m forever grateful. You should apply for CelebMix if you have a passion for writing and if you want to become a part of an incredible team of other writers like yourself! Our writers have created a family-like community where we accept and support each other on a daily basis. You won’t regret joining us!

Josephine, Editor

What our writers say 1An extended family

Since joining CelebMix I have experienced nothing but positivity from what is genuinely an extended family. From the day I joined straight away I felt welcomed and accepted by every single person, and that is what I love so much about CelebMix. We have our own community, our own little family, who look out for each other. I know that there is always someone there for me with whatever problem I may have, and I know I have gained some friendships for life.
Not only have I met some incredible writers, I have also developed myself as a writer. I’ve learnt new and valuable skills which I can put into practice when writing articles, such as ensuring that the article itself is balanced and not favoured towards for example one person.

I would encourage you to join CelebMix, because as cliche as it sounds it was one of the best decisions I have made, and not only has it developed me as a person and writer, but has also encouraged me to go for so many opportunities. Because of the constructive feedback received at CelebMix on how to improve my writing, I felt confident enough to start my own personal blog along side of writing articles for CelebMix.
If you join CelebMix you will be welcomed into such an amazing environment, and will love what you are doing so much! No opinion is wrong, and everyone is encouraged to voice their opinions and ideas without the fear of being judged. Honestly, applying to CelebMix has been a life changer for me, and I can not thank them enough for the opportunity to write for them. The constant constructive feedback positively improves you as a writer, and the response that your articles get gives you such a sense of achievement and satisfaction. Give it a go, apply today and you won’t regret it!

Gabby, writer

What our writers say 2I’ve grown as a person

Truthfully, I never considered writing as a career path. It wasn’t until I entered the encouraging and positive atmosphere that lies within the heart of CelebMix, when I realized that my passion for writing was more than just a hobby.

Not only have I grown as a writer, but I feel as though I’ve grown as a person. I’ve gained a lot of knowledge through the talent behind the group of people I’m lucky enough to work with. I actually shouldn’t even be saying that because they are more than just “a group of people” – they are a family to me. WE are a family. We spread positivity and selflessly lend our hands when needed; and I have to say that it has never made me feel more comfortable.

You are free to express yourself in every which way without having the fear of being judged. And I think that, above all, is what consistently makes me happy about the choices I’ve made in being here.

We may not be your “average” celebrity news website, but we will make you feel at home in any way we can offer

Victoria, sub-editor

What our writers say 3CelebMix has opened another door for me

CelebMix has given me the opportunity to delve into an experience that I never even considered could turn into a career. I have a lot to say for myself and CelebMix has been an incredible way for me to get my voice heard.

It’s not just about the content you write when you become a CelebMix team member but it’s about the little family you become. I feel supported and appreciated by a group of people I’ve never met in person but they probably know my writing better than me!

I’ve left university worried about my career path and CelebMix has opened another door for me in writing and journalism as it has helped me discover a new love. I’ve also become a lot more confident about talking to people in a professional manner because I’m not scared to ask for advice or help before I make an email or phone call to somebody I don’t know for CelebMix.

I never ever considered being a writer but it’s opened my mind and made me conscious of the impact my words have on the world and I couldn’t have asked for a better place to volunteer.

Beth, writer

What our writers say 4I’m forever grateful

Since I can remember I’ve wanted to be a writer. Being able to write about what I am passionate about is someone I once dreamed of. Thanks to CelebMix my dream has come true. I plan to be a part of CelebMix for years to come. It has given me to many opportunities I wouldn’t have if not for CelebMix. I’m forever grateful.

At CelebMix we write positive, and fact-based news. I think that’s what makes us stand out. Every article that we publish for our fans to read spreads positively, love and respect.

Working for CelebMix you will be surrounded by people who are just as passionate as you, and want to succeed just like you. We are more than a team, we are a family. Everyone has a voice and everyone has value here. We welcome you with open arms, and hope to have you a part of the CelebMix family!

Amber, editor

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