YouTuber of the Week: Alexis G. Zall

Read on to learn more about why we’ve chosen this 18-year-old YouTuber!

Welcome back to to CelebMix’s YouTuber of the Week series! We crowned singer/songwriter Daniela Andrade as last week’s feature. This week, we would love to introduce you to the comedic 18-year-old Alexis G. Zall!

Who is Alexis G. Zall?

Alexis G. Zall is an 18-year-old YouTuber living in Los Angeles, CA. Originally from Scottsdale, AZ, Alexis started her YouTube channel back in 2011, and since has acquired over 1.12 million subscribers. Her videos consists mostly of comedic skits, challenges, and collaborations.

Along with running her self-titled channel, Alexis produces a weekly podcast called Zall Good, which features comedy, chats, and games with special guests. Alexis has also been making huge steps in the acting world recently, such as starring in the Netflix original series Coin Heist and a part in horror movie Ouija: Origin of Evil.

Why should you watch her videos?

Alexis has this incredible way of hooking the attention of her audience and making them eager to hear what she has to say, comedy-wise or not. She has a quick-mind when it comes to humor, and her energy when she is speaking to the viewer is practically contagious. There is a little bit of quirkiness to her editing style that always keeps the viewer engaged. Alexis’ personal touch to each of her videos –– which she writes, produces, and edits all by herself –– make her an all-around enjoyable YouTuber to watch.

Being 18 and in college, Alexis can also come across as very relatable, and it is not hard for viewers to identify with her passions, struggles, and self-awareness. Kind, hilarious, and a born-entertainer, Alexis G. Zall knows how have a conversation with her audience though the screen. One may find themselves binge-watching Alexis’s videos –– one you start, it can be hard to stop!

5 of Alexis G. Zall’s Best Videos


Living alone can be an interesting experience for many people, and Alexis highlights the positives and negatives.


2. 18 Tips for 18 Years

Open, honest, and encouraging, Alexis gives her viewers 18 tips she’s accumulated over 18 years.


3. A Week In My Life

A vlog-style video where Alexis shows her audience the behind-the-scenes of her life, including screenings, meetings, and podcasting.



Alexis discusses the stress that college can have, and her current predicament in deciding what she wants to study for a major. (Don’t worry, she’s not really dropping out of college!)


5. Trendy Donuts

A thoughtful conversation not so much about donuts, but more about the commonalities and quirks of social conversations between two strangers.

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Written by Celine Low

living in Houston, TX // music, photography, YouTube, and writing