YouTuber of the Week: Alx James

At CelebMix we have decided that we want to start a ‘YouTuber of the Week’ feature!

Last week we featured Lilly Singh aka IISuperwomanII. She never fails to make us smile and laugh. This week we’ve given the title to… Alx James!

Although he started his comedy career on Vine, Alex has made quite a name for himself in the YouTube world. With his unique sense of humor and way of connecting with his fans, we think he deserves to be our ‘YouTuber of the Week’.

Alex has over 850,000 subscribers and the number is growing everyday! Although not as many followers as a lot of big named YouTubers, the way Alx connects with his fans makes him truly one of a kind. Starting the waterbug craze with his hilarious Vines, his fan base now has the name, “Waterbug Army”.

YouTuber of the Week: Alx James 1

Why should you watch Alx’s videos?

If you like real life, funny and sometimes serious videos, then his videos are for you. They are almost always humor filled videos, yet always filled with so much love and true passion for what he does. Every week Alx asks on his Twitter what video his ‘Waterbug Army’ wants to see. He is always interacting and involving them in his day to day life. Not only on YouTube but on his Snapchat and Twitter Account.

He recently released a ‘Waterbug Army’ app where his followers can connect with each other and of course Alx too. Weekly he shares his ‘Waterbug of the Week’ on his YouTube video. He always promotes positivity on not only his app but in life in general.

Here are some of Alx’s videos that you should check out!


Although not one of his most viewed videos, this shows Alx’s talent of taking the smallest task and being able to make it hilarious. Because honestly, how amazing is contouring?!

2. The Boyfriend Tag

In this video you officially meet his equally as hilarious boyfriend, Justin. After this, Justin has made appearances in many of Alx’s videos and we love it!

3. I’m Gay (His official coming out video)

In this video you see Alx release a number of emotions and reveals a part of himself he has hidden for many years.

4. #SheedraGoesToWork Substitute Teacher Pt. 1

Sheedra is a character Alx plays and has done since the Vine days. Sheedra went to work, and Alx has it all on camera!


With over 1 million views this is his second most popular video, for good reason. Alx takes you on the journey of his first time smoking and all the things that come with it. If you are looking for a good laugh, check this video out!


We are so proud to see what Alx has accomplished over the years, and wish him nothing but continued success!

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Check back next Sunday to see who we choose as our next Youtuber of the Week!

Written by Amber Nordberg

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