YouTuber of the Week: Desi Perkins

Makeup artists have been running the YouTube community lately and this week we are honoring the beautiful, Desi Perkins!

Desi is an American professional makeup artist of Mexican decent who started her YouTube Channel back in 2013 with a mix of tutorials, reviews, and other life style and fashion videos that highlight her talent and fun personality. Desi brings her audience both everyday makeup tutorials along with very intricate looks. She is known for being extremely engaging with her subscribers through social media alongside her best friend, Katy (lustrelux). Her passion has earned her an army of 2.4M+ subscribers on YouTube. She even snagged a collaboration with Quay Australia, creating her very own line of sunglasses.

Why You Should Watch Desi Perkins

If you are a lover of makeup, you are seriously missing out if you are not subscribed to Desi’s channel. Her personality plays a big part on why she is so engaging to watch. Just sitting and watching someone do their makeup can be boring at times but she does a good job at keeping it entertaining. She is also very informative about products, techniques, and skincare which is very helpful to viewers who may lack knowledge in these areas. She has a makeup look for every type of makeup lover. Whether you want a subtle look or want to go all out for a spooky Halloween look, Desi is the girl to turn to. Not to mention, any video with her best friend Katy is the definition of friend goals. Her husband, Steven, also plays a big part in her videos. He actually helps record and edit for her and once again screams GOALS.

5 Most Popular Desi Perkins Videos


Everyone wants flawless, fleeky brows so it makes sense that her most popular video is an eyebrow tutorial. You may think eyebrows are as easy as just filling them in but no, eyebrows are an art and a process to master and Desi shows us how she slays her brows.

How To Fake Big Lips/ Kylie Jenner Lips

Let’s face it, having big, bold, Kylie Jenner inspired lips is all the beauty craze right now. Desi teaches us how to skip the lip injections and use the power of makeup to create the perfect pout.


You probably have seen this look all over Instagram during Halloween time last year. Desi created the “melted skull” look that got everyone in the beauty community talking. She shows off her creative side by doing half her face glam and half her face as a skull but creating a melted skin affect to blend the two sides together.


Husband Does My Makeup

We could watch a million my boyfriend/husband does my makeup videos and they all end up a disaster and they all make us weak from laughter. We give Steven an A for effort.

Meet My Husband Q&A

Q&As are a great way to get to know a YouTuber better. It allows subscribers to relate to them and get more insight into their personal lives. Desi’s husband is a huge part of her channel and brand so it is understandable that fans want to know more about their relationship.

Congrats Desi! You are this week’s CelebMix Youtuber of The Week!

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Written by CelebMix