Zipper Club Show Review: Washington, D.C.

The up and coming indie band is riding on the wave of success.

  • Following a run with The Sounds, Zipper Club is continuing to kill their shows every single night. This band is definitely meant to play to crowds.

Zipper Club got the audience buzzin and excited for The Sounds. Their set at the 930 Club in Washington, D.C. definitely showed off their eclectic style. The LA-based band managed to get the crowd moving and nodding along to their songs — specifically “Heart Strain” and “Go the Distance.” Considering “Going the Distance” is one of their most successful singles, it only makes sense that that was the song that everyone was definitely vibing out to. Watch the video for “Going the Distance” here:

Everything about this song is wonderful — the track feels like it belongs in an 80s film, complete with Molly Ringwald. This song definitely is fun, upbeat, and there is no doubt in our minds that this song is definitely going to catapult Zipper Club to the top of alternative charts everywhere.

With clean-cut voices, rhythms, and beats that are all , we know Zipper Club definitely have a song for all music fans. And considering the 930 Club stage is small, they managed to use the entire stage to their own benefit — and their backing lasers were definitely interesting at times.

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