10 Times You Wished You Were a Beckham: Winter Instagram Edition

Social media has been deemed a “distraction” when spending time with family, but this obviously doesn’t apply to the Beckhams. In fact, it only makes their love seem much bigger. The quote “Hashtag Goals” applies to the Beckham Family in every single way, and it’s not just because of Posh and Becks. The intimate Beckham family consists of Brooklyn(16), Romeo(13), Cruz(10), and little Harper(four). The love runs deep within the family, judging from the endless pictures Brooklyn shares of his parents, or the adorable photos David posts of Harper.

It is true that (quote-unquote) “famous” families may play up to an image of perfection and flawless relationships, but this family is full of lively and vibrant souls that have no need to fool anyone. The amount of care and love that the Beckhams share for each other is so genuine that any viewer scrolling through their Instagram profiles can pinpoint the laughter and joy behind each moment in which the photo was taken.

There was a ridiculous amount of difficulty in choosing only 10 times where the Beckhams were #FamilyGoals on Instagram, but we’ve managed to narrow it down to a season.

We are proud to present 10 Times You Wished You Were a Beckham: Winter Instagram Edition.

10. Taking Harper on an Evening Stroll

Even though Christmas was still a couple of weeks away, David Beckham didn’t need a holiday to make memories with his young daughter, Harper, before sharing the moment with his 18.2 million followers.

We agree, David – this is definitely the cutest view of a London sunset.

9. Welcome to Instagram, Olive!

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Even olive is getting into the festivities ??

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Who said the family bond was limited to just the human members? Definitely not the Beckhams! Look at this lovely pup decked out in holiday gear, getting into the spirit. Not only was Olive invited to Christmas parties, but he got a personal invitation to Instagram as well. The younger Beckham siblings have yet to make an account, but we guess Olive is older in dog years.

8. Ice Skating with his Boys

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Boys will be boys ????

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A week before Christmas, David took his sons out for a trip to the ice rink. His caption read, “Boys will be boys,” followed by two snowman emojis. Were they a handful? Maybe! But they evidently possess some skill when it comes to ice skating. We wish we had even a tiny fraction of their hand-eye coordination.

It seemed like a very fun filled night for the Beckham Boys. Can’t wait to see Harper on the ice rink once she gets older! Perhaps she’ll skate even better than her brothers. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see next Christmas.

7. @DavidBeckham You Might Want to Be Careful Where You Sleep From Now On.


Merry Christmas! The celebrations began for the Beckhams much before the actual holiday, but all the festivities must have tired David out. Brooklyn shared this photo just hours into Christmas morning. We’re guessing Victoria had something to do with it judging from Brooklyn’s caption, but thanks – 5.7 million people are now aware of what David looks like when he’s snoring.

Now that we think about it, there are probably endless photos on Brooklyn’s phone of David sleeping. @BrooklynBeckham Consider the classic whipped cream trick next time! That’d sure be a laugh – not that this isn’t already one.

6. Happy Christmas from the Beckhams!

This is quite a self-explanatory post if we’re being honest. The family had a very chilly Christmas day spent in the snow. The love between the six, however, kept each other warm in the cold London weather.

Victoria Beckham posted a very precious and a very endearing photo of the family to her 8.9 million followers. She shared their love with Instagram with a message to all their supporters, “we love u!!”

We love you, too!

(Please adopt us.)

5. Gone, but Not Forgotten.

Again, we repeat: The love between the Beckhams runs deep.

David shares a heartwarming photo to the public, with a deeper message to his late parents. Goosebumps run down our bodies reading the caption because David has decided to share such intimate, but lovely, moments with the people. The Beckhams truly know how to celebrate Christmas, and they truly know the meaning of family.

Brooklyn follows his father’s post with his own tribute to his beloved grandparents.


It doesn’t matter where you are, because if you’re a Beckham, the love will always be reached out to you.

4. Santa Daddy

Of course, Victoria and David have to play Santa Claus and Mrs.Claus for their young ones. Did any of the younger Beckhams get coal, we wonder? Also, did Brooklyn get a gift from Santa? Or is he too old for that now? Hmmm. These are life-changing questions.

3. XOX-Mas

Hugs and kisses from the Beckhams – but mostly kisses. David uploaded this lovely photo of him and Victoria sharing a kiss on Christmas Eve under the mistletoe – not that they need one. The two Beckham parents have proven that they don’t need a mistletoe to share kisses in front of their kids. We don’t know about their children, but we are hopelessly endeared and awwing.

2. Happy 2016!

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Happy new year from our beautiful babies ????????

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The Beckhams carried the holiday spirit from 2015 over to 2016. Again, they spent the first day of the New Year together. Victoria and David have raised such a wonderful family and we are excited to see how much the bond will grow during 2016. Hopefully, the New Year will bring good things to Harper, Cruz, Romeo, and Brooklyn.

And last, but not least, David follows the post of his kids with a post of his soulmate.

1. New Year’s Kiss.

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And from us of course… Have an amazing 2016 ????

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They say the person you kiss at midnight will be the person that you spend the rest of the year with. We have no doubt that the saying rings true for David and Victoria. This wasn’t their first New Year’s kiss together, and we are sure it won’t be their last.

2015 has been a very eventful and productive year for the Beckhams. David Beckham was pronounced People’s Magazine “Sexiest Man Alive” and Victoria Beckham’s Spring 2016 Collection is ready to run. Together, the iconic Mother-and-Father duo have made a powerful difference with their philanthropic actions.

We wish the best to the Beckham family in 2016. Good people deserve good things, and there is no limit to the Beckhams’ love for each other, their supporters, and the world.

Lots of love to David, Victoria, Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz, and Harper. Best of luck!


Written by Laura Huynh

California gal studying media and entertainment at UC Berkeley. Big fan of music, and big believer in Fate. Feel free to call me, beep me at laurahuynh17@gmail.com or @laurahuynh. xx