Canadian singer Justin Bieber poses as he arrives for the amfAR 21st Annual Cinema Against AIDS during the 67th Cannes Film Festival at Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc in Cap d'Antibes, southern France, on May 22, 2014. AFP PHOTO / ALBERTO PIZZOLI (Photo by Alberto Pizzoli/Getty Images)

22 of Justin Bieber’s Biggest Moments of The Year

Beliebers have been through thick and thin with Justin Bieber. They have seen him go through the greatest successes of his life as well as some rough setbacks. It seems as though Justin has made a complete turnaround with his life since 2014 and we couldn’t be more proud. To celebrate his achievements as well as his 22nd birthday, we are highlighting 22 of Justin’s best moments over the past year.

22. Justin becomes the new face of Calvin Klein 

The announcement sent Beliebers into a frenzy as the black and white photos of Justin modeling Calvin Klein were released. The ad campaign also features model Lara Stone. Justin is seen embracing her in a few of the photos as well as a video which also showcases his impressive drumming skills.

21. Is it too late now to say sorry?

After making a long awaited appearance on The Ellen Show in January 2015 to celebrate Ellen DeGeneres’ birthday, Justin posted a video to apologize for his previous behavior. The singer says that he was pretending to be someone he is not as a “cover up” for how he was truly feeling. Although the world knows who Justin Bieber is, his apology shows that he is human too and makes mistakes like everyone else.

20. Justin shows that an autograph can go a long way 22 of Justin Bieber's Biggest Moments of The Year 2In Justin’s hometown of Stratford, Ontario there is a food bank called Stratford House of Blessings. With the help of his grandparents and mother, Justin autographed and auctioned off some of his personal items to raise money for the food bank that once helped his family during a time of need. His shoes ended up being auctioned off for $62,000. Other items such as his comforter, ceiling light, and pillowcase were also sold for around $11,000. The items came with a certificate of authenticity and all proceeds went to the food bank.

19. The collab that shook the world 

As Justin started to make his way back into the public eye, the moment Beliebers were anxiously waiting for finally arrived in a way they may not have expected. Right before its release Justin tweeted “Wrote a song. #JackU @Skrillex @diplo #WhereAreÜNow”. The newly formed duo of Diplo and Skrillex had already became highly anticipated, but once you add Justin Bieber to the mix it’s bound to be a masterpiece. The song received excellent review and even gathered a new crowd of Justin fans due to the difference of sound compared to his other songs.

18. The roast of the century 22 of Justin Bieber's Biggest Moments of The Year 3Sometimes you have to laugh at yourself and Justin  did just that with the help of professional comedians and friends. Comedy Central hosted a Justin Bieber Roast where people mocked and teased the singer. That sounds pretty brutal doesn’t it? Well, Justin took it lightheartedly even though there were some harsh jokes that crossed many lines. The roast was taken as a public berating for Justin’s actions over 2014 that weren’t so pleasant. In the end, he apologized again for his behavior and left the stage to a standing ovation.

17. The countdown begins 

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What Do You Mean @ryanseacrest? #30days

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There was no doubt that Justin’s next single was highly anticipated. So there was no better way to countdown to its release than enlisting the help of some friendly and very famous faces. Ryan Seacrest kicked off the month long promotion holding up a sign with the amount of days until Justin’s single “What Do You Mean” was available. Along with Seacrest, Ariana Grande, Little Mix, Ed Sheeran, Kylie Jenner, Halsey, Twenty One Pilots and many more joined in on the action and helped Bieber promote the single.

16. An emotional ending we didn’t see coming 22 of Justin Bieber's Biggest Moments of The Year 4On August 30, 2015 Justin performed “Where Are Ü Now” and “What Do You Mean” at the MTV Video Music Awards. The performance was upbeat and entertaining. The crowd was on their feet and moving along with Justin and his dancers so the ending surprised everyone. After a quick speech from Justin, singing the last few lines of “What Do You Mean”, and receiving a standing ovation, he began to cry. Justin told Jimmy Fallon during an interview after the award show that he was “overwhelmed” by the performance and was disappointed that he missed some of his cues. As he recalled the last time he was at an award show where he got booed, he also said, “I honestly wasn’t expecting them to support me in the way they did.”

15. He had us from the start, and won’t let this end 

After the end of the VMA’s, Justin released the music video for “What Do You Mean”. The build up to the release of the single and the performance he gave just moments before really set off a wildfire of attention surrounding the video once it came out. Once again, Justin Bieber exceeds expectations with one of his best music videos to date.

14. That’s one for the books… Literally 22 of Justin Bieber's Biggest Moments of The Year 5Justin appeared on the Today Show to perform some of his new songs as well as a few of his older hits. In between the performance, he was presented with a plaque for achieving the Guinness World Record for youngest male artist to debut at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 with his single “What Do You Mean”. It was also his first #1 on the chart.

13. It’s the duet we’ve been waiting for!

Way back in 2014, Justin posted a picture of him and Ariana Grande in the studio together. People went crazy as they thought they were finally getting the duet we’ve been craving! However, the duet did not become a reality until almost a year later. As Ariana was on her Honeymoon Tour, he made an appearance at one of her shows to sing The Weeknd’s part in her hit single “Love Me Harder”. Justin showed up again on stage with Ariana later in the show to sing “All That Matters” from his album Journals and “As Long As You Love Me”. It was a dream come true.

12. Is there a record Justin can’t break?At the 2015 MTV EMA’s, Justin took home six awards. That brought his total of EMA’s up to 18 which broke the record for most EMA’s an artist has won. The record previously belonged to Eminem with 15 awards. Throughout the year Justin has been working like crazy and it is paying off.

11. Third time’s a charm 

In December 2015, Justin Bieber officially became a three time Grammy nominated artist. Skrillex, Diplo and Justin received a nomination for Best Dance Recording. Beliebers were elated when the news broke that he had another opportunity to possibly win his first Grammy.

10. We wish we sounded like this when we sing karaoke 

James Corden  tugs on our heart strings as he turns on the radio and it starts playing “Baby”. Watching Justin’s face light up as he sings one of his most famous “fetus” songs was enough to make quite a few Beliebers cry happy tears. James is living our dream as he drives around town with Justin singing and eating French fries. We can only hope we’ll be put in that same scenario one day.

9. A surprise duet and campfire

Justin Bieber took stage at the 2016 BRIT awards singing “Love Yourself” and “Sorry”. Sitting by the fire playing the first few chords of “Love Yourself” was James Bay. This was a nice twist we didn’t see coming. Justin and James met at a party prior to the show and the spot was open to play guitar for his performance. The British singer was asked if he’d be up for it and the rest is history.

8. There’s no stopping Bieber when it comes to chart topping music

Justin Bieber is a name that will go down in history for many reasons. He has become the first artist ever to have the top three spots in the UK Official Singles Chart. His achievements so far have been jaw dropping especially for an artist so young.

7. A gentleman indeed 

Justin graced the cover of the March issue of GQ (Gentlemen’s Quarterly) Magazine. In his interview with the magazine he talks about acknowledging his past mistakes and how he wouldn’t change what has happened. He says that his mistakes helped shape him as a person and was a part of his journey. Justin is a perfect example of how our past does not define our future and we can overcome the obstacles life throws at us.

6. The beginning of an era 

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The long awaited comeback album was finally here. Justin Bieber officially released his first album in almost two years. His sound has certainly evolved over the years and Purpose did not disappoint. With chart smashing singles that helped build up to the release of the album, it was no surprise that Purpose also charted very highly worldwide.

5. Or maybe the beginning of a movement?

Shortly after the release of Purpose, Justin posted a series of videos for songs from the album that was titled PURPOSE: The Movement. The videos were posted every hour in order. A few days later the videos were compiled to create what could be called a 40 minute mini movie. The videos feature a lot of dancing as well as some of the artists that were featured on the album. Justin took a creative and entertaining approach to telling a story for each of the songs and the album overall.

4. Slowing down isn’t a part of his plan 

If you’re a Belieber you were probably still trying to catch your breath after the release of the album. But Justin had something else in mind. Just when you think it couldn’t get any better, The Purpose Tour is announced. Can you imagine what his new songs will sound like live? We can’t wait to find out what Justin has in store for this tour.

3. Yet another legendary feat 22 of Justin Bieber's Biggest Moments of The Year 7In 1964, The Beatles had 14 songs on the Billboard Hot 100 at the same time. That record was matched by Drake in March 2015. After Purpose debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200, 17 of his songs from the album made it to the Billboard Hot 100 which set a new high for the astounding record.

2. The hard work never stops 

To add on to the excitement of being nominated for a Grammy alongside Diplo and Skrillex, Justin also performed at the Grammy’s! He gave a smooth performance of “Where Are Ü Now” and “Love Yourself” that was definitely a highlight of the award show.

1. And the Grammy goes to…

If you said Justin Bieber then you’re correct! “Where Are Ü Now” won the Grammy for Best Dance Recording and we couldn’t be more proud. He took home his first Grammy and it was well deserved. A Grammy can be a defining moment for any artist but what he has already done with his career so far is incredible.

Justin Bieber has turned himself into a living legend with the help of his Beliebers, a highly dedicated fanbase turned family. His hard work and ability to overcome hard times in his life has paid off. We can’t imagine what it is like for someone as popular as Justin to have to live his life in the public eye and having the world watch his every move. As we celebrate his incredible achievements and 22nd birthday, we can’t wait to see what the future holds for him and we’ll be cheering him on through his entire journey.

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Written by CelebMix