24 times Louis rocked Adidas

Adidas. For some people, it’s just a brand. For One Direction fans, it’s something they usually associate with Louis Tomlinson, because let’s be honest, Louis in Adidas is a thing.

In honour of Louis’ 24th birthday, there is a listicle of 24 times he absolutelly slayed wearing Adidas.


The red sweatshirt is probably the most iconic thing Louis had worn during 1D’s On The Road Again tour and there’s a little bonus, look at the ‘appy smile of our Yorkshire boy.


Wasn’t this one of the best days of your life?


With a quiff higher than Mount Everest and cheekbones sharper than a knife.


Saint Patrick’s Day


All dressed up and Adidas Gazelles… uhm, “Casual”.


Hey, you! Is there a colour that doesn’t suit him? (The answer is no.)


I know, I know, but you should appreciate the shirt and especially his happy face!


When he wore the iconic sweats and Gazelles for what seemed like a millionth time.


Those “sparkly” shoes… (fyi, Adidas Gazelle again!)


To match his eyes…


This is the perfect fit.


Sometimes you just can’t decide whether he’s a daddy or a tiny son, can you?


Here you go. The sweatpants (again), the colorful sneakers and a Donny jumper, of course. And Zayn.


We’re dressed in Adidas from head to toe!


Looks like you cannot be friends with Louis Tomlinson unless you’re wearing Adidas.


Needs no words…


The jumper from the new Adidas collection called Chaos along with an Adidas snapback. And sweatpants. And shoes. LAX Louis… How would I even describe LAX Louis…


Not that he only rocked Adidas, he also rocked all of us (Where’s your hand, Louis?)


How come that he isn’t an Adidas model yet?


The World Cup Soccer collection shirt and those iconic sweats of his…


This one sure as hell can’t be abandoned. How cute is he!


Everyone basically turns into a heart eyes emoji after seing this.


The black sweatshirt during OTRA. (Can you hear us screaming?)


This is one of the first pictures of Louis wearing adidas ever.

Of course, there are many more Adidas outfits that looked irresistible on Louis. Did we cover your favourite? Tell us on Twitter (@CelebMix) or comment below!

Written by CelebMix