25 Days of One Direction: A collection of our favorite tweets

Social Media has, quite frankly, become one of the tools of being a young adult. From Facebook and Instagram to Twitter and Tumblr; there are many outlets where opinions are voiced, selfies are posted, adventures are documented, and random thoughts are posted. Twitter is the main platform that most people use and with only 140 characters given for tweets for users to play around with; a lot can be said in a simple post.

The boys of One Direction are no strangers to Twitter, and while sometimes it feels like they don’t exactly man their own accounts exclusively; when they do post pieces of their personality online; they’re always quite funny and relatable.

It’s nearly impossible to go through all of their Tweets, but we did scroll back quite a bit and put together a nice mix of some of their best posts!

Look, the Backstreet Boys are no laughing matter, but this was still one of the funniest tweets that the boys of One Direction blessed us with. We can just imagine the pair in their onesies with cuppas singing ‘I Want It That Way’.

This one is a bit more meaningful than humorous, but it’s still one of the best.

Is there anything worse than traffic?

Perhaps this is a bit selfish, but we were at the Cleveland stop and it was one of the best of OTRA, so we had to include it!

This is Niall’s way of saying ‘not today’.

The #OhNo or #OnNo in Louis’ case tweets were quite perfect; some of their best.

If we took the time to post each of our favorite tweets in one article, we’d be here all day (or all week). That being said, did we include your favorite tweet from the boys? Let us know at @CelebMix and @CelebMix1D!

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.