31st July marks #2YearsOfAmnesia for 5 Seconds of Summer

Everyone’s favourite Aussie boyband, 5 Seconds of Summer, released their single ‘Amnesia’ two years ago today. Can you believe it has already been that long? Where is the time going? These boys are going to have children before we know it!

‘Amnesia’ was the boys’ third single from their debut self-titled album, ‘5 Seconds of Summer,’ and was something a little different to what they had released previously.

Their first two smash hits ‘She Looks So Perfect’ and ‘Don’t Stop’ were very heavy, rock tracks which we still love dancing around our bedroom to, however, ‘Amnesia’ was more of a mellow, slow jam. It was still a success, though, as it peaked at number 7 on both the Australian and UK singles weekly charts, as well as reaching number 16 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and number 3 in Ireland and Spain.

Additionally, the single has sold over 700,000 units in the States and 200,000 in the UK in total. Not bad for their third single, right?

The music video for the song was is also ridiculously close to becoming VEVO Certified and reaching 100million views! It shows the guys and some girls and boys playing around in several different scenes and having fun. There are only 3 girls in the video because the video is filmed from the 4th girl’s perspective, who the band see as the fan watching the video, which is a really nice touch.

5SOS fans have been posting on social media all day about how today marks two years since one of their boys’ earliest singles was released. For example, they’ve trended #2YearsOfAmnesia worldwide on Twitter, expressing their love and pride for the band, as well as reminiscing over what they like to call the guys’ ‘fetus’ days!

5 Seconds of Summer have just released their latest track, ‘Girls Talk Boys’ from the Ghostbusters movie and are currently on tour.

Congratulations to 5SOS on today and on all of your success since the release of ‘Amnesia!’ We’re excited to see what you have left up your sleeve.

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Written by CelebMix