7 Unforgettable songs by Phoebe Buffay

Phoebe Buffay is a name that cannot be forgotten. Her personality, her craziness and her zest of enthusiastic illogical replies will forever engrave this character in the minds of all FRIENDS fans. Phoebe develops drastically over the seasons and ultimately finds her true love in Mike Hannigan who loves her immensely despite her whacky personality. Phoebe is also best remembered for her songs which she used to sing in Central Perk and in some other places like Monica’s Apartment. Most of her songs have funny lyrics though they are intended for sending positive vibes across the audience of Central Perk.

Here are seven unforgettable songs sung by Phoebe Buffay. In fact, most of these songs reflect her life and have been formulated by drawing inspiration from her childhood and life.

7. The Barnyard Song



This was sung in the presence of the children and some of their parents. Of course as always to cheer Phoebe up, Monica, Joey and Chandler were present.

6. Grandma song


Sung again in the presence of the children, this song focuses on grandmothers. Though some of what she sings is true, the song ultimately ends with a funny turn of events, something which can be understood well only if you hear the song.

5. Little Black Curly Hair


Little Black Curly Hair, sung in Central Perk is intelligently interspersed with Ross Geller’s funny expressions. Interestingly, on a closer inspection of the name of the song and the way Ross looks, one can say that Ross has Little  Black Curly Hair. So was the song unconsciously intended for him?

4. Snowman song


Christmas has always played a special part in the lives of the Friends and that is why on most Christmases, Phoebe comes up with a new song.

3. Christmas song


This was a very special Christmas Song dedicated to all her friends with somewhat rhyming words.

2. Song For Emma


And when Emma turns a year old, could it be that her aunt Phoebe would not give her the gift of music?

1. Smelly Cat



This is truly the signature song of Phoebe. In fact, even if one does not remember the other songs, Smelly Cat is the one that comes to everybody’s mind when one talks of Phoebe’s song.

So, leaving you with some of the best songs of Phoebe Buffay. Do enjoy listening to them and let us know which is your favourite one at @CelebMix.

Written by CelebMix