A Tribute To Harry Styles and Niall Horan Friendship

One of many things we love about One Direction is the fact they are all super close. Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan are all very open about their bonds, bromance and remained close despite all the trouble they have faced lately. “It is cool to have those relationships and in general to have these friendships, in this position is great. It would be hard to do it all alone.”. In fact, they are more connected than ever as a 4 piece.

The dream team label has stuck. Niall and Harry love and adore each other. Their bromance is actually funny and sweet. They take care of each other, keep on messing around and interracting on stage, and that’s beautiful. Their friendship is growing strong, they always look at each other and laugh. Lately, Niall and Harry has giving us some majorly cute moment and we can assume they have the most precious friendship. In fact, the Narry bromance is so real, that we don’t quite know how they didn’t have their own TV show already. Like, seriously.

It’s a long lasting relationship “When we first got together, we were in Harry’s stepdad’s house and I was in the toilet, which was unlocked. Harry burst in and took a picture of me. Two weeks later for my birthday, I got a present from him and it was a mug with a picture of me on the toilet on it. ‘You have to pour hot water on it and then the picture shows up'”. It screams friendship goal.

On the same note, nothing sums up more Narry than the time Harry ran into a glass door and Niall was laughing so hard at him and ended up walking into it as well. But the story doesn’t end there, let’s talk about how Niall always manage to cheer Harry up “Niall is just like happy-go-lucky. He just has fun the whole time. Does his own thing. When i’m worried, i just come out of the room and Niall will just go past on his segway, and then I’m happy”. 

Harry is protective over Niall, proof : Remember the Tatoo Roulette on The Late Late Show and how Niall was panicked about getting his first one ? Well, Harry checked on the panicked irish boy and tried to cheat for him by asking the whole crew which box was the ‘loser’ one. We are 99% convinced that Harold would have gotten the tattoo anyway so Niall didn’t have to. Cute, you say ? YES.

We can totally imagine Niall struggling to tell a story because he’s laughing too much and Harry just staring at him happily with a smirk on his face, just because he adores the irish kid and his happiness. They just always seem to have a good time when they’re together. Can we get an invite to one of their hangouts next time? Please. 

Written by CelebMix