About CelebMix 3

Welcome to CelebMix. We keep you up to date on everything music, celebrity, entertainment, film, television, YouTube and so much more. Our aim is to mix up celebrity news. We think you’ll like it!

CelebMix was born in 2015. With over 333,000 Twitter followers and hundreds of thousands of unique visitors per month, we’ve got something for everybody. We serve a young, celebrity-focused audience in the UK, USA and around the world. You can find out more about our demographics in our media pack.

CelebMix relies on volunteer writers who post content about their favourite celebrities. We like to think of ourselves as a training ground for budding journalists – in fact, several of our writers have gone on to score careers working for the likes of Heat Magazine and Buzzfeed, so we must be doing something right!

As such, CelebMix is a pretty damn awesome place to be. We know that starting out in the world of journalism can be tough – many of our writers are graduates or students pursuing a career in the industry. In an ever-competitive job market, we’re giving young people the chance to polish their skills and write for a real audience, and it’s so much fun! Our writers regularly attend press events, interview big names and get recognition from some high profile celebrities – Little Mix, Fifth Harmony and Zoella have all acknowledged our work. You can write for us too, if you’d like!

What sets CelebMix apart from our competitors is our strong ethos for quality, positive celebrity journalism. We don’t want to hear about our fave falling out of a nightclub at 3am – we want to report about their charity work, their musical success and their good nature. That’s what being a fan is all about.

Celebrity news doesn’t have to be trashy and you don’t have to rely on clickbait to drive an audience to your website. CelebMix is proof that respect, positivity and love are more powerful than anything else.

Behind the scenes, there’s a team of over 200 writers. A strong admin and editor team make CelebMix what it is today, and without the hard work from our writers, we’d be nothing.

We’re not sure where CelebMix is headed just yet, but we do hope you’ll join us for the ride.

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