Artist 101: The Neighbourhood

Your go-to-guide for everything you need to know about an American rock band The Neighbourhood.

Who are the members of The Neighbourhood?

Jesse Rutherford

Jeremy Freedman

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Zach Abels

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Mikey Margott

Brandon Alexander Fried

When and where were they born?

  • Jesse Rutherford

August 21, 1991
Newbury Park, California

  • Jeremy Freedman

July 2, 1992,

  • Zach Abels

July 3, 1992,
California, United States

  • Mikey Margott

October 3, 1993,

  • Brandon Alexander Fried

September 23, 1990,

What are their most famous songs?

Sweater Weather

Let It Go

What else do I need to know about The Neighbourhood?

The band was formed in Newbury Park, California in 2011.After releasing three EPs, “I’m Sorry…” “The Love Collection” and Thank You, The Neighbourhood released their first full-length album, I Love You., on April 23, 2013, via Columbia Records. In November 2014, they released a mixtape titled #000000 & #FFFFFF. The band’s second album, Wiped Out!, was released in October 2015.

What are their social media links?

Twitter: @thenbhd,@jesserutherford,@Sevenoutoften_, @z_flexing, @mikeymargott.

Instagram: @thenbhd, @jesserutherford, @sevenoutoften, @z_flexing, @mikeymargott, @brandonfried_ .

Facebook: @TheNeighbourhood.

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Written by Caroline