Ashlee Simpson Returns To Music With New Single “I Do” In Collaboration With Evan Ross

We have brand new music from Ashlee Simpson and we are completely living for it. “I Do” is her new single in collaboration with Evan Ross and has been dropped alongside their reality show ASHLEE+EVAN, available on E! (Entertainment Television). A lyric video was also dropped to accompany the song. This is Ashlee Simpson’s first single since 2012’s “Bat For A Heart” and it follows up Evan Ross’ music releases as part of the TV show Star where he plays Angel Rivera.

Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross have been husband and wife for over four years now, and they have one child together, named Jagger Snow Ross; Ashlee also has a child from her former marriage with Pete Wentz, named Bronx Mowgli Wentz. This single marks their first collaboration and they have confirmed that a full-length album is on its way. The ASHLEE+EVAN show on E! premiered on September 9, and follows their lives as they balance being parents with their music careers. It’ll showcase them living up to their names, as Ashlee Simpson first came on to the scene following in her sister’s musical footsteps, Jessica Simpson; and Evan Ross has quite the mountain to climb, being Diana Ross’ son. The TV series also shows Ashlee Simpson’s cautiousness since this is her first music release in six years.

The song has been written by Ashlee Simpson, Evan Ross, Verdine White, Austin Brown, Brian London, and Palmer Reed. “I Do” is a heartfelt passionate song that would be the perfect addition to any wedding reception playlist with some fans totally choosing this as their first dance – it’s definitely one of those.

Talking about the process, Ashlee+Evan said: “Music was always one of the things that connected us from the beginning. We liked our voices together, and as time went on, we thought it was something that we wanted to share. ‘I Do’ is our commitment to our music and each other.”

Watch The Lyric Video To Ashlee Simpson + Evan Ross’ Debut Single “I Do” Here:

We are in total agreement with Ashlee+Evan, their voices wrap around each other beautifully creating this very loving and deeply personal connection, that they’ve welcomed us into. Evan Ross’ soulful and emotional voice is strong and has raspy twists with some grit, while Ashlee Simpson’s indie-rock voice is iconic – we’ve missed her voice in the music industry; together their voices are rich as they harmonise perfectly.

The lyric video doesn’t paint the story of the song, and instead, show the lyrics with fog and fading techniques. There are basic cartoon images of Ashlee + Evan that appear throughout the visual. The track is a love song – one we’re going to treasure as much as this duo will.

“I Do” is available to download and stream right now through Access Records. Their debut full-length album is expected to follow later this year. The TV show ASHLEE+EVAN is being shown on E! in the US – however, Europe fans will have to wait until November to watch the show on the European television channel.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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