Ashley Tisdale’s Golden Moments in HSM

The first time we watched High School Musical, we were hopelessly endeared by the relationship between Troy Bolton and Gabriella Montez. Their romance may have been pivotal to the plot, but it’s impossible to ignore the character that proved to be just as important.

Sharpay Evans: pretty, pink, and very persistent; Ryan Evan’s twin sister; the head of the drama department; and the lead in all the school plays since Kindergarten. She lived in Albuquerque long before Gabriella, so technically she has dibs on Troy Bolton(says nobody, but her).

The sass of Sharpay Evans was beautifully carried out by our favorite blonde, Ashley Tisdale. Just like Sharpay, Ashley is crazy talented at singing and acting. One thing that makes Ashley different from her character is the mean portion. However, that didn’t stop Tisdale from immersing herself into character and perfecting the role to a tee. There was not one dull moment with Ashley Tisdale as the Queen of Mean at East High.

Sharpay Evans is a role that was made for Ashley Tisdale. One of our favorite HSM characters played by one of our favorite Disney stars.

Here are some of our favorite moments where Ashley Tisdale aced her role as Sharpay Evans.

12. Marking her territory.

What’s impossible, Troy?

Obviously, nothing for Sharpay. Her confidence radiates as she signs her and Ryan’s name on the sign up sheet for the Winter Musical.

The presense of Gabriella doesn’t defer her even for a second.

Funnily enough, Ashley does know what the impossible is. But instead of running away from it, she encourages her followers to embrace it.

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Dream the impossible and go for it.

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11. “Someone’s gotta tell her the rules!”

As the top dog of East High, Sharpay didn’t take it lightly when someone proved to be a threat. In fact, she started a rant that turned into a song. Sharpay wants everyone to stick to the stuff they know and stick to the status quo. Afterall, her status is quite high.

Speaking of high status, Ashley Tisdale is definitely up there as well. Although Ashley is very humble, unlike Sharpay, her bachelorette party last year

10. Ay, que fabulosa!

Definitely of the most exciting performances from High School Musical. Sharpay and Ryan went all out – in vocals and in costumes – and it was just callbacks! The actual show must have been amazing.

9. Out with the Old, in with the New.

Don’t lie – you know 98% of the lyrics. We all deserve a little bit of fabulous in our lives, and Sharpay is singing our anthem. We just need to get our hands on some Jimmy Choo flip flops, a pink piano, and our own resort to get on Sharpay’s level of fabulous.

Speaking of fabulous, Ashley Tisdale is the walking definition.

8. Mother, how could you?!

We see the darkest side of Sharpay when Troy’s “tag-team of Wildcats” arrives along side him to Lava Springs. It took Sharpay by surprise, and definitely not a good surprise.

7. Humuhumunukunukuapua’a

Watch the video. No caption needed. This is 100% Sharpay Evans. We hand it to Ashley for carrying out this performance so flawlessly.

6. Plot Twist!

In Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventures, Sharpay faces New York on her own as a strong independent woman. That doesn’t go the way she plans as she ends up running to several problems one after the other. Sharpay isn’t used to not getting things her way, but she finally gets a taste of reality.


It is true – Sharpay has her made her mark in the HSM trilogy as the “Mean Girl.” Despite her flaws, there are many admirable features about Sharpay Evans. She has confidence, she has style, and she has dreams.

Underneath the Queen of Mean facade, she is just dreamer. Sharpay has been working towards becoming a star since birth. Out of all her classmates at East High, Sharpay and Ryan were the only two who actually yearned for a career in acting, rather than just starring in a play for a hobby. Respect? Yes, respect. They have been a team since they were in Kindargarten. Together, they  sharpened their acting skills.

Sharpay will do anything to end up on Broadway, and we applaud her for her dedication and hard work. We wish we could be as bold and devoted as Sharpay Evans.

5. She’s Got Style

Not only does she look good, but she carries herself in a way where all eyes always turn to her.

4. She wants it all.


High School Musical 3: Senior Year introduced the end of a journey for the East High group of friends. Most people were worried about college and their future. Sharpay? She knew what she wanted to do, and she knew exactly how she was going to get it.

3. Sharpay’s Night to Remember

“End high school with a bang!” they say – which is exactly what Sharpay did. If we thought Sharpay was mean, then Tiara must’ve been a demon in disguise. That’s okay – Sharpay put her in her rightful spot and got her scene back, while winning the hearts of the audience.

2. Sharpay has feelings, too.

This performance hit all the HSM fans in the gut. Throughout all three High School Musical movies, fans viewed Sharpay as the antagonist because that was how she was portrayed.

In Sharpay’s very own sequel, her full personality was captured. Every scene was about Sharpay Evans, and for once, we are able to see every part of her: the mean, the kind, and the raw. We are finally able to see the Real Sharpay Evans, and frankly, we like what we see. You go, girl!

1. Opening Night at Broadway

In her senior year, all Sharpay wanted was a future as an actress and a star on her door.

One year later, Sharpay Evans and her beloved yorkie, Boi, hold the lead roles of Broadway’s brand new show.

We are so happy that Sharpay finally got her chance at stardom. Can you believe it? From the small halls of East High to the Big Apple, Sharpay has never left the spotlight. After all the hard work and the dedication she put into acting and drama, Fate gave her what she really deserved – a happy ending and a lead role on Broadway.

Ashley Tisdale has done a wonderful job as an actress of playing a young girl who eventually achieved her dream of becoming an actress. Does that make sense? Well it does, so it should.

Thank you, Ashley, for sharing such a wonderful character with us. And thank you, Sharpay, for being a diva, and a dreamer, that we will never forget.

Written by Laura Huynh

California gal studying media and entertainment at UC Berkeley. Big fan of music, and big believer in Fate. Feel free to call me, beep me at laurahuynh17@gmail.com or @laurahuynh. xx