Benedict Cumberbatch talks about “Doctor Strange” at Comic-Con

When it comes to Benedict Cumberbatch, the name is enough to excite the fans. The actor has given his fans some amazing movies to cherish. Well, Cumberbatch is back again with a new project.

CelebMix has reported earlier about the movie “Doctor Strange” where the actor is the lead protagonist with the same character name. Since that moment, fans are eagerly waiting for all the updates and the release date. This level of excitement is valid as the actor has time and again proved his talent on screen.

Comic-Con is in the news. The actors have given away a lot of ‘teasers’ and updates on their latest projects. Something similar happened with Cumberbatch. The actor was asked a lot of questions on his latest Marvel project.

In an interview with the Entertainment Weekly, the actor talked about his character and said,

“He’s recognizably of our world,” Cumberbatch said. “He’s rich but he’s not a Stark. His past definitely informs who he is, as it obviously does with Tony Stark. And there’s a rich degree of backstory which I’m sure will just keep coming up through our films and the Avengers as well I guess. But the point is you recognize him hopefully as a trope, a type. Very alpha male, very arrogant. Brilliant at his job, but human. Alone at the top of his castle. It’s very Xandau-like, his life. He’s created a bubble of insularity. This is all about him going from a place where he thinks he knows it all to realizing he knows nothing.”

Differentiating Sorcerer Supreme from the billionaire Tony Stark, the actor explained that there is no black and white when it comes to the Doctor. His understanding of himself is incomplete and the movie is a sort of journey where he starts as an all-knowing devil to a self-exploring hero. He explained,

“He’s kind of an in-brackets ‘defender.’ He holds stuff together in a way that’s not always immediately obvious and doesn’t always involve fighting a lot of bad guys and stray bullets. There is that but he kind of tidies up the universe and makes sure nothing breaks through the boundaries.”

He ended the interview with a joke saying that Doctor “is more important than all the Avengers put together. I am going to get in a lot of trouble.”

Doctor Strange is a Marvel superhero film and will be releasing November 4, 2016.

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