Best-selling author Vance Fundora on how his book will help enable small businesses to thrive online

The internet has changed everything. From the way we socialize to the way we learn, how we entertain ourselves, and perhaps most importantly, the way we conduct businesses. It is no longer opinion but a fact. You need to develop, grow, and nurture an online presence if you’re to survive and flourish in a competitive marketplace. Unfortunately, many small businesses are being left behind because they don’t have the know-how, resources, or necessary skill sets to carve out a niche for themselves in today’s digital landscape. It’s a dilemma that author Vance Fundora feels so strongly about; he decided to remedy the situation by creating a go-to guide on building and growing an online presence. 

The popularity of his book, ‘Keeping Up,’ has proven that there was a massive audience for such a work. It has turned him into a bestselling author quite literally overnight. Vance is slowly but surely achieving his dream of leveling the playing field for small businesses. “For too long massive organizations have had a monopoly on every industry, simply because they can afford to pay for mistakes and pay for specialists,” revealed Vance. Vance believes that small businesses can’t afford to make mistakes, so they stay away from digital marketing completely. Yet, by sticking to what they know and refusing to adapt, they’re slowly killing off any opportunity to future proof themselves. Vance’s book is a simple guide to help smaller businesses and emerging entrepreneurs transition into the digital space and play at a higher level.

‘Keeping Up’ is a treasure chest of information for small businesses looking to expand their operations digitally. It has detailed information on every aspect of social media and the internet you could imagine and discusses methods, techniques, and strategies for building an online presence. Vance is not your typical author; he has an almost evangelical quality when it comes to his burning passion for helping smaller businesses succeed in an environment dominated by large corporates and conglomerates.

Vance explained, “The book is currently priced at $0.99 USD. It is literally the lowest I can charge on Amazon. If I could make this book free, I absolutely would. It’s my job to get this book into the hands of every business owner I can.” Vance is confident that his book will serve as a guide to help smaller businesses expand, scale-up, and grow.

Written by CelebMix