Parisa Tarjomani of Only the Young has taken to her fans a blog post announcing the departure of the band of 3 years.

The 4-piece band stole the hearts of many fans when they appeared on last years X Factor placing 7th in the competition and went on to have an official single “I Do” and performing their own Headline UK Tour. Parisa, 21, that started the band 3 years ago has said that she is no longer happy in the band and is launching a solo career of her own (that we will hopefully get to hear sooner rather than later!) Parisa explained the circumstances of the her decision to leave in her debut blog post and elaborated on the fact that singing for and meeting the fans was the only think keeping her happy amongst the 4-piece.

Parisa wrote, “It is with great sadness that I have to announce that I am leaving Only the Young” and followed with “I brought in 3 other people to a project that I truly believed in and I thank them all for the memories we’ve created together. Betsy, Charlie and Mikey, I wish you every success in the future and have had some of the best times of my life with you, which I will never forget.” *sobs*

To add to what I thought was sad enough, each other member of the band, Betsy, Charlie and Mikey all took to Twitter that they all mutually decided to end the band; and personally I do not think they all left happily.

Betsy-Blue confirmed via the bands Twitter account (@OTYOfficial), “We all mutually decided to end the band. But unfortunately we weren’t able to tell you all of that first. No one decided to leave. BB” Do I sense some tension here?!

Each member of the recently split band have now all got personal Twitter accounts after 3 years of Tweeting together from the same account, and you can follow them here:

Betsy-Blue English:

Charlie George: *N/A*

Mikey Bromley:

Parisa Tarjomani:


You can read Parisa’s full statement here:

Do I miss Only the Young already? I’d say I Do, I Do, I Do!

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